How To Do MTN Data Gifting Or Share Data On MTN

Today we’re going to be learning how to do MTN data gifting and how to share data on MTN.

Originally, this article was first written on the 14th of February as a Valentines Day post, but after the period passed, it became clear to me that if i wanted it to rank well for the search term “how to share data on MTN” and get you guys to actually click through, i ought to change the theme.

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This is simply a classic example of why i hate publishing tech news content. If you cannot keep up with the daily pace, you’d grow extinct in a short while. So i’m going to hold myself to my word – no more news posts. We sticking to evergreen content from here on out.

Now that that is out of the way, here is everything you need to know about MTN data gifting.

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MTN data gifting, how to share data on MTN

MTN data gifting is a service from MTN that allows you the luxury of gifting internet data bundles to your loved ones. It’s more like the opposite of purchasing data for yourself. The gift is charged on top your head of course  (you’re the one giving the gift abi na? ?)

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Who can use the MTN Data Gifting service?

Why, both new and existing customers registered on the MTN network.

What type of data can you gift ?

You can gift any MTN data bundle ranging from daily, weekly, monthly to quarterly.

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How to share data on MTN in 2020?

MTN Data Gifting, how to share data on MTN

Simply dial the USSD code, *131*7# and you’ll have that significant other waiting for you this night in the bedroom, ready and willing to ‘show their appreciation’ in kind. ?

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Answering some vital questions concerning MTN data gifting services.

So apparently, MTN customers that use the gifting service have posed a few questions that need answering, and I’ll do that in a moment.

Q1. Will I be charged additional cost for using the Data Gifting service?

Not in this lifetime. You’re only eligible to pay the exact cost of the data bundle you buy for your significant other.

So let’s say you bought N20,000 worth of data for whomever, you’d be required to only pay the N20k . No hidden charges.

Q2. How do I check the data balance of the data gift?

MTN Data Gifting, how to share data on MTN

Via SMS, simply text 2 to 131 like you would for a typical bundle you bought for yourself. And if you’re going via USSD, then dial *131*4#.

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Q3. Will I be able to share the MTN Data bundle I am gifted?

I’m sorry, but again, not in this lifetime. You no fit chop awuf two times clean mouth.

So there it is.

If you have any questions, contributions or opinions, please don’t forget to share them in the comments section below.


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