New Huawei Operating System, Harmony OS Might Debut This September.

New Huawei Operating System – The ban imposed by the American authorities on US companies working with Huawei has led to an interesting situation: while the Shenzen-based company would love to work with Android, it can’t.

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Luckily, it was apparently prepared for this negative turn of the situation: Huawei has been working on its own operating system for years.

Reportedly, it will be called HongMeng OS (other reports speak of Ark OS – it may be both, one in China, the other in the rest of the world) and it is rumored to make its debut this September.

What we know about the Huawei Operating System, HongMeng OS.

Huawei plans to use this new operating system beyond the world of smartphones – reportedly, it will power every consumer electronics product the Chinese manufacturer makes, from smartwatches and fitness bands to smart TVs, appliances, and even the computers built into cars.

It will also be compatible with Android apps and web services, running everything from Betway casino games, Facebook’s Messenger, and everything in between. Instead of the Google Play Store, it will use Huawei’s own AppGallery marketplace and it will reportedly also rely on Aptoide, the Play Store alternative, to bring apps to its users.

Smartphones without Android?

Today, the smartphone operating system market is dominated by only two providers: Apple with its iOS, covering about 15% of all smartphones in the world, and Google, with Android, covering the rest.

These two have killed off all of their competitors over the last decade: Windows Phone, Blackberry, Ubuntu Touch, and everything in between. Huawei now has a chance to break this duopoly, provided it maintains its popularity among its Chinese clients – China is, after all, the biggest smartphone market on the planet today.

A viable solution that works even for users outside of China would bring some much-needed diversity into the smartphone OS ecosystem.

The phone

HongMeng OS will be launched on Huawei’s upcoming flagship handset, the Mate 30, only in China. Reports speak of a potential September 22 launch event… but we’ll see about that as the year goes on.

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The Huawei Mate 30 is another unknown – there is little to no information available about it online. What the insiders think they know about it is that it will have HiSilicon’s brand new Kirin 985 chipset, four cameras on its back, and they speculate that – in conformity with today’s standards – it will have at least 6GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage.

It would be interesting to finally see a smartphone breaking out of Android’s grasp, right?

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