Stop Paying For Data And Airtime. Here’s How To Get It For Free.

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Here’s how to get free data and airtime on MTN, GLO, 9mobile and Airtel.

Many will say it is a lie but take it or leave it, its real and many are already enjoying free airtime and data and you could be one of those that will be happy to share the testimony only if you grab the opportunity.

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It’s as simple as ABC.

Thousands are getting free data already and you too can be one of them.

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How to get free data and airtime

How to get free data and airtime

To discover how to get data and airtime for free whether you’re using MTN, GLO, Airtel or 9mobile (Etisalat), follow the 5 steps below:

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Step 1: Register with Payfric payment system. Visit (free)

Payfric payment system is a payment system where you will be buying the data or loading your phone with airtime from the money you earn from the step 2

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Step 2: Register with AdsCommunity. Visit

AdsCommunity is a community for advertisers, idea creators, freelancers, company owners and every other individuals.

They come together on the platform to eliminate the stress of making their product or services go viral by advertising to every members of the community at a cheaper rate and at the same time getting paid from it.

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Follow this link to register on AdsCommunity. Visit once you register follow the step 3 below.

Step 3: Click on any advert on AdsCommunity

Congratulations, you are ready to start earning free money from advertisement.

Click on the Adverts button on the top page on AdsCommunity, you will see a list of advertisements from many companies, click on the image of the advert.

Make sure you are already logged in to your account. Once logged in, click on the image of any advert and click on “Click Ads” button.

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Step 4:  Withdraw your money from your AdsCommunity account to your Payfric account.

Once you have earned enough, you can now click withdraw button from your adscommunity to your payfric account.

From your account on AdsCommunity, click Withdraw button, then type the amount you want to withdraw and click withdraw, the money will be transfered immediately to your Payfric account.

Step 5: Login to your Payfric account to buy data.

Once you withdraw your money to your Payfric account, its time to buy your data or airtime.

You can now login to your Payfric account, click “buy airtime” button, fill the form with your phone number, your airtime will be credited to your phone number immediately.

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Keep earning money from advertisement on AdsCommunity and keep buying data from Payfric….

Notice: Instead of buying airtime or data, you can also withdraw your money to your bank account.

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BREAKING NEWS: Buy real, active Nigerian Instagram followers for just ₦10/follower. Click here now.

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