Vivo Flash Tool: How To Download & Use Latest Version For Free

The latest version of the Vivo flash tool is available for free download, not on their official website, but right here.

Whether you’re looking for the crack version, the Qualcomm version or your Vivo smartphone falls into model Y12, Y55, Y90 or V15, we’ll teach you how to flash Vivo mobile without password.

About Vivo phones

Vivo Flash Tool

Vivo Communication Technology is a tech company founded in 2009 and based in China.

Asides from being the maker of the Vivo range of Smartphones, the tech giant also develops smartphone accessories, software and online services.

What is the Vivo flash tool?

The Vivo Flash Tool is basically a firmware flashing tool that can be used for any Vivo smartphone with a Mediatek or Snapdragon chipset for the purpose of upgrading their software.

Uses of the Vivo flash tool

When you download the Vivo flash tool, It can be used to:

  1. Unlock a Vivo device
  2. Unbrick Vivo smartphones
  3. Flash custom ROMs into Vivo devices
  4. Back up and recover phone data among others things.

Minimum system requirements

If you’re going to learn how to download and use this tool, there’s a minimum system requirement your device needs to fulfill before you proceed.

Not adhering might well…I don’t know, do bad things to your phone?

Anyway, you must:

  • Be using a Windows PC with compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
  • Have a USB Cable.
  • Have installed MTK USB drivers on your PC
  • Be using this tool for devices with MediaTek chipsets only (don’t try it on a Snapdragon, Kirin or IOS)
  • Have charged the battery of your Vivo device to 50% minimum.
  • Have the right firmware for your device

Download Vivo flash tool latest version + Crack

Vivo Flash Tool

If you happen to be using a Vivo Y12, Y55, Y90 or V15 device or any other model, you an download the latest release of the flash tool + the crack via the required drivers from the links below:

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After you’ve downloaded the Driver, extract the tool using 7zip, WinRAR, or Winzip.

Lastly, install the Vivo flash tool.

Now let’s get down to the “how to” part of this guide.

How to use the Vivo flash tool in 10 steps

Step #1: First and foremost, download and install the Vivo USB drivers on your Windows PC.

Step #2: Open the folder labelled AFTool_4.8.0 and extract the downloaded file.

Step #3: Next, you’d need to run AFTool.exe from that folder and wait for the pre-execution to be completed.

Step #4: Download whichever software you want to flash into your phone, whether it be firmware, recovery etc.

Step #5: You’d want to check your phone to find out what Processor/Chipset your phone runs on.

If it’s a Mediatek, switch the tabs above as appropriate. If it’s Qualcomm Snapdragon, do likewise.

Step #6: Choose your country on the top left corner of the tool.

Step #7: if you’re using a Mediatek device, load the Scatter file from the firmware folder.

If you’re using a Qualcomm, load the fastboot flash file.

Step #8: For Mediatek, choose Operation mode and for Qualcomm, select Phone mode from the list and click on download.

Step #9: Lastly, boot your Vivo device into Fastboot mode or Download Mode as the case my be depending on your processor.

Now connect to your Windows PC via a USB cable.

Step #10: The file will begin to download into your phone. Just wait until it’s completed.

Vivo flash tool official website

One thing is for sure, there is no official website for this tool.

However, Vivo itself has a section on it’s website that lets you download drivers for 10 popular Vivo smartphone models.

Important things to note

Here are a few things to note as you try out our guide on your phone.

Not abiding by them may result in some very unfortunate outcomes for your phone. Please proceed with caution:

  • DO NOT download and flash a firmware that is not meant for your exact phone model. You may Brick your phone in the process.
  • DO NOT download and flash a firmware that is not meant for your exact build number and variant specific model. You may very well Brick your phone in the process.
  • DO NOT forget to take note of your phone’s build number and backup your current firmware before flashing another firmware to your phone.

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Now your turn

Did you encounter any problems at all while trying to use this tool? Please specify below in the comments so I can help out.

Thank you for reading guys.

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