How To Hide Number On Airtel [For Calls, Messages & App]

How to Hide Number On Airtel

If you’re looking for how to hide your phone number on Airtel when making calls on the Airtel network, Dial #31# before the phone number you want to call.

For example, if you want to call a number like 08131696734, you would dial “#31#08131696734”. This will hide your caller ID for that specific call.

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How to Hide Number On Airtel in Nigeria

How to Hide Number On Airtel

The feature to hide one’s phone number on an Airtel line isn’t available for all regions. Luckily for you, it’s available in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, you can hide your number on an Airtel network by using the following method:

1. Caller ID Blocking Code: To hide your number for a specific call, dial `#31#` before the phone number you want to call. This will hide your Airtel number private for that particular call.

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How to hide number on Airtel app

It’s important to know that Airtel didn’t provide an official mobile app feature that allows you to hide your caller ID directly within the app. Hiding your phone number is typically done through your phone’s settings rather than the Airtel mobile app.

Follow the below steps to make your number private on an Airtel app using your phone’s settings:

1. Open your phone’s “Call” or “Phone” app.

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2. Look for the settings or three-dot menu icon within the app and select it.

3. Navigate to “Caller ID” or “Show My Caller ID.” This option might be found under “Settings” or “Call Settings.”

4. Select the option to “Hide” or “Hide Number.”

How to Hide Number On Airtel to send message

Airtel, like most mobile carriers like MTN, doesn’t provide a built-in feature to hide your number when sending text messages (SMS). However, you can still maintain your privacy using the below options:

1. Use a Secure Messaging App: Consider using messaging apps like Signal or Telegram, which offer features to enhance privacy and security. These apps don’t reveal your phone number to recipients by default.

2. Register Without Real Phone Number: Some apps like Telegram allow you to register with a username instead of a phone number. This can help keep your phone number private.

How to Hide Number On Airtel on iPhone


To hide your number when making a call on an iPhone with an Airtel SIM card, you can use the following steps:

1. Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone.

2. Scroll down and tap on “Phone.”

3. Under the “Calls” section, tap on “Show My Caller ID.”

4. You’ll see a toggle switch next to “Show My Caller ID.” By default, it is switched on (green). To hide your caller ID, tap the switch to turn it off (it will turn gray).

5. After turning off the toggle, your number will be hidden for outgoing calls.

These steps are specific to iPhones, and the availability of this feature may also depend on your location and your Airtel plan.

How to UnHide Number On Airtel

To unhide your number when making a call on the Airtel network, you can use the following steps:

1. Open the “Phone” app on your mobile device.

2. Go to the “Keypad” or “Dialer” where you enter the phone number you wish to call.

3. Before dialing the number, make sure that there is no code like `#31#` in front of the number. If there is, remove it.

4. Simply dial the phone number you want to call without any code in front of it.

Your number will be displayed to the recipient when you make the call, as long as you haven’t added any caller ID blocking codes like `#31#` before the number.

Reasons why Nigerians hide their phone numbers

Nigerians, like people in many other countries, may have various reasons for hiding their phone numbers when making calls. Some common reasons include:

1. For Privacy and Security: Protecting one’s privacy is a significant reason for hiding a phone number. Some individuals may prefer not to disclose their personal phone numbers to unknown or untrusted recipients to avoid potential privacy breaches or harassment.

2. For Confidentiality: In professional or business contexts, individuals may hide their phone numbers when making calls to maintain confidentiality, especially when discussing sensitive matters.

3. To avoid unwanted calls: Nigerians, like people worldwide, might hide their numbers to avoid unwanted or nuisance calls, spam calls, or telemarketing calls.

4. For Surprise or Prank Calls: Some people may hide their numbers temporarily to make surprise or prank calls to friends or family members.


It’s important to note that while hiding a phone number can be done for legitimate reasons, it should be used responsibly and within the boundaries of the law. Additionally, the availability and methods for hiding caller ID can vary by mobile carrier and region.

Please note that the availability of this feature may vary by location and Airtel’s service offerings. Make sure to check with Airtel customer support or their official website for any specific instructions or changes related to this service.

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