Wema Bank Transfer USSD Code: How To Register, Create Pin & Activate

Wema Bank transfer code: Do you know how to transfer money with Wema Bank transfer code?

The fact that you landed on this post proves otherwise.

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In this article, I’m going to be walking you through various solutions to several questions Nigerians have been asking and they border on queries such as:

  • How to register and activate Wema bank transfer or USSD code
  • How to create pin for Wema bank transfer and of course
  • What their transfer limit is.

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About Wema bank

Wema bank transfer code

Founded on the 2nd of May 1945, Wema Bank has definitely been around far far far before i was born.

Unknown to all you Generation Z and Millennial children of nowadays, you wouldn’t believe it but before it was called Wema, the bank originally was named “Agbonmagbe Bank Limited”

P.S – If you’re Yoruba, ejo, e ma bi nu, but i swear the name “Agbonmagbe” almost sounds like the name of one Ogogoro like that (or even an ancient Ifa Priest) don’t you agree?

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Anyway, point is, Wikipedia says that this financial institution is Nigeria’s longest surviving indigenous bank, and the thought of that alone makes us proud.

About the Wema Bank transfer USSD code

Whether you’re using a feature phone or smartphone, this service helps you to bank on the go with ease. And trust me, it’s way more straight forward than the mobile banking app.

Features and benefits

Here’s all you can do when you make use of the USSD code:

  • Open a Wema account
  • Generate a PIN
  • Check account balance
  • Change PIN
  • Funds transfer
  • Airtime & data Top-up
  • Cardless withdrawal
  • DSTV, GOTV & Startimes Subscription
  • Electricity bill payment
  • Receive Western Union Payment etc.

How to register Wema bank transfer USSD code?

To register for the Wema Bank transfer USSD code, using the phone number you used when opening your account, dial *945#.

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Next, select “0” to register for USSD banking.

How to create pin for wema bank USSD transfer

Once you’ve clicked “0” to register, select “0” again and you’ll be prompted to create your 4 digit pin.

How to activate wema bank transfer code?

To activate this service, say you want to make a transfer or recharge airtime, for the former, dial *945*Account Number*Amount#  from your now registered Wema Bank phone number. Lastly, input your pin for confirmation.

To recharge for yourself, dial *945*amount#. For someone else, dial *945*Phone Number*Amount#. A popup to choose the network will appear, choose as appropriate and input your pin for confirmation.

Wema Bank transfer limit

Just how much can you transfer via the Wema Bank mobile banking service? What exactly is the transfer threshold limit?

You can transfer a maximum of N20,000 daily using the USSD service. If you need to transfer more, you’d need to either download the Wema Bank Mobile app or head over to a nearby branch for some over the counter transaction.

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Now over to you

Did you encounter any issues while trying to register, create pin or activate your transfer USSD code? Leave your comments below.

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40 thoughts on “Wema Bank Transfer USSD Code: How To Register, Create Pin & Activate”

  1. I tried using the wema banking mobile app and I was asked to input my password and I did but it’s always telling me incorrect password is there any other password?

  2. I can’t successfully changed my pin… Keep saying I inputted a wrong date of birth n that’s what I registered with….. Help a brother

  3. I have followed the steps required in register for mobile banking but it is not successful. Please I need help

  4. I want to activate a used code but I couldn’t because it says the date of birth is incorrect and I can’t really remember the date of birth I used then. Can you pls help me out

  5. I don’t remember my old pin that am using to transfer, please what can I do to get it or have another pin,,,,

  6. they keep on tellin me done nd error.
    I don’t understand it again o.
    I need to transfer nd also buy airtime but i cant!!!

  7. I need to make a transfer using the code(*945#) but they keep asking to follow the steps and when I do I’m still unable to make the transfer please I want to know what’s happening

  8. I have been trying to transfer money to a friend but I keep getting your transfer is being processed and still d transfer isn’t successful….pls help me out

  9. I can’t see where I can generate a pin to transfer money. The USSD number options does not indicate useful info. What else can I do?

  10. can’t successfully changed my pin… Keep saying I inputted a wrong date of birth n that’s what I registered with….. I’ll be greteful if you can help me out

  11. I tried to recharged card and make transfer in my account through the same number I registered with but it’s telling me that is incorrect pin. Pls which pin will I use except for my pin ooo.
    And I used the same pin to withdraw and it work.
    Pls what will I do or is there any other way to go about it


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