MTN Deal Zone: How To Migrate, Activate & Be Eligible.

MTN Deal Zone (also called MTN Kpalasa), this is an offer from MTN that rewards you when you by a new (and when i say new, i really mean ‘tear rubber’ new) 3g or 4g enabled smartphone from an MTN or partner store, with 50% – 100% bonus on their data purchases within the next 3 – 6 months.

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If you didn’t understand what i just wrote, in more understandable words, if you buy a new android phone today for example, you get up to 100% data bonus when you buy an MTN data plan.

MTN deal zone

So, if you typically do the 1k for 1.5gb plan, on the MTN Deal Zone, you’d be getting 3gb for 1k. I can just imagine the number of MTN faithfuls who would be overjoyed at this prospect, considering that the South African Telecomms giant probably have the most expensive data plan in Nigeria.

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But how can you be eligible to enjoy this wonderful service?

MTN Deal Zone eligibility: How to be eligible?

All you have to do is go out to by any smartphone of your choice that is 3g or 4g enabled (which let’s face it, virtually every smartphone right now is).

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Insert a registered MTN SIM card and wait for the SMS confirming you have received the bonus data offer.

Lastly, dial *131# to buy any data plan of your choice and enjoy 100% bonus on all your data purchases.

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MTN Deal Zone activation

For those of you looking to activate this special offer, sorry to disappoint you but there is actually no secret magic USSD code you can simply type and BOOM! data bonus.

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If you’re in the habit of buying so called ‘UK Used phones’, this isn’t gonna work for you.

How to migrate to MTN Deal Zone plan?

And just like i wrote above, you also cannot migrate. There is no secret magic USSD migration code so go out there and maybe buy yourself a brand new Infinix, Tecno or Huawei smartphone, okay?

It’s now i finally get it!

Over the last couple of months (not that I’m happy about it), I’ve been privileged to use about 3 new phones one after the other.

I’m not going to go into details on how i managed to do that but it’s definitely not because I’m obsessed about phones (which i most probably am).

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Anyway, point is, each time i bought one, i would always see this MTN sticker on the pack promising data bonuses of proportional magnitudes and i thought it was just some scam to sell more phones…until now.

Believe me when i tell you that this only just occurred to me as at the point of writing this post for y’all. It’s no scam. It’s as real as they get.

You know what? If you’ve bought a brand new android phone in the past few years and use an MTN SIM, tell us whether it works or not in the comments below.

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