How To Do MTN Welcome Back In Just 5 Minutes (2019).

The MTN Welcome back process in 2018 and 2019 can be a pain in the ass if you don’t know how to go about it. Allow me to be your trusty guide for today and show you how you can withrive your lost MTN SIM in just 5 minutes.

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So following the theft of my phone (I was actually beaten and robbed by 7 guys), I was in a fix whether to do an MTN Welcome back to withrive the number or simply just get a new one, no hassles involved.

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Mtn welcome back 2018 2019, mtn center

I’d chosen to go with option B the first time around because I didn’t have a choice (I’d been using my sister’s SIM, unknown to me until the dreadful crescendo that brought it to light).

But now with my GTB account connected as well as the threat of losing some certain beautiful Damsels’ contacts along with some other minor disadvantages here and there, I thought whatdaheck, let’s just roll with it and see how it goes.

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MTN Welcome Back 2018 2019

Newbies listen up. Now here is a mistake you shouldn’t make: trying to do MTN Welcome back on the roadside.

Those guys are crooks!

Once I heard them quote me prices ranging from N1,500 to N2,500 to withrive my MTN SIM, I began to wonder if there was actually a steep MTN imposed fee that called for such a ridiculous amount.

MTN Welcome Back 2018 2019

I had the money, but that wasn’t the point. I had to know how much they did it at the MTN offices.

Now this was a problem considering the fact that those crooks were merely walking distance from my Office in Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi, while the MTN center was at Lekki. Eitherway,  I wasn’t prepared to be swindled in the name of ‘Buhari’s Administration’.

MTN Welcome Back 2018 2019
MTN Welcome Back 2018 2019

Today was the last Friday of January and it was a tradition at work to close as earlier as 12pm on such special days. I took a bus to The Palms Mall at Lekki where an MTN Service Center was parked.

Requirements for MTN Welcome back

The requirements were pretty straight forward:
1. Your MTN SIM pack and a
2. Valid ID (I used a passport)

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Next, they’ll hand you a short form to fill in  registration details like name, address, and to list a few numbers you called often. They’d wanted 6 numbers actually and that was the tricky part. But if you can scounge up like 3, I think it would suffice.

Mtn welcome back sim 2018 2019

An MTN Customer care representative attends to you based on the info in the form and a few minutes after, they hand you a fresh new SIM which costs only N100. 🤗

30 minutes later, I slotted it in my phone and a bunch of notifications from MTN confirming the successful SIM swap completion greeted me.

Mtn welcome back 2018 2019

And that, my fellow Nigerians, was how I did my MTN Welcome back.

Now lets go back for a bit. Just imagine the humongus price difference between N100 and N2,500. That’s why some people will never progress in this Nigeria and then they’ll blame it on their ‘village people’. 🤔

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Oh BTW, in other news, I also reconnected with a female friend from University at the MTN Center. Apparently she was an Accountant there. “I think something might be in the works for us this new year, Darling”. 😎

Have you done MTN Welcome back before? How did you go about it? Comment below.

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    • Just make sure you have the pack of your old SIM and a form of National identification. Go to an MTN center and you’ll have your welcome back in 5mins.

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