Acer Monitor Not Turning On: 8 Easy Fixes

Having the issue of your Acer monitor not turning on? Acer products are of high quality but sometimes they may have some issues. One of the common issues is the Acer monitor not turning on. And several factors cause this. Keep reading to find out how to fix this issue.

Possible Factors That Cause Acer Monitor Not Turning On

  • Hardware problems
  • Faulty adapter and power cords
  • Power disconnection
  • Outdated Windows
  • Faulty display screen
  • Outdated or missing graphics drivers

How Can To Fix Your Acer Monitor Not Turning on?

Now, let’s look at how to fix your Acer monitor. Before, going into the several steps below, try restarting the monitor to see if it will work. Then, check the power source and connections to the monitor and computer.

Also, check the power strip, plug the Acer monitor power cord directly to the wall power source (socket) and check if any power lights are showing.

Then, reset the power to monitor, remove all power from it and press down the power button for about 30 seconds. Plug the monitor to a power source and turn on the monitor.
You can also unplug the monitor and check the battery. Some monitors have an internal battery. You can reset the battery.

If after these, it doesn’t work, check the power cords. If the power source is working for other devices and the Acer monitor is not turning on, it may be from the power cord. It has to be replaced.

However, if you try all these and it doesn’t work, follow the guide below.

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Acer Monitor Not Turning On

#1. Test The Cables

Test your cables to make sure they are connected properly. Ensure that they are not loosed, the pins are not bent and there are no frayed wires. Check the ports of these cables as well. Clean off any particles like dust, found inside. They could block off the connection of your Acer monitor.

To confirm that the signal cables are ok, test them on another device or if you have similar working signal cables, you can try using them to see if they will work. These signal cables include VGA, DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort.

#2. Restore Factory Acer Monitor Settings

You can press the OSD button on your Acer monitor model depending on the model you are using. When you press the OSD button and see a menu that shows up, you can reset the monitor settings.

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  • Press down the ” menu” key.
  • Go to “System setup” and choose yes when directed to “restore factory mode”.

#3. Graphics Card Driver Updates

This is another issue, your monitor might be facing. Outdated or missing drivers may be the problem. If you have an integrated graphics output, plug it into the output and update your video card’s drivers.

#4. Update Windows

Windows update is very important in every system. It helps to keep your system up to date and fix some issues in the system. It can solve the monitor issue. To update your Windows:

  • Press the Windows key + I to open settings.
  • Then, click on Update & Security.
    Move to Windows Update.
  • Check for updates, if there are any, install them.
  • After doing all these, Restart your system and connect your monitor again to see if the issue continues.

#5. Update Important Drivers

If the monitor doesn’t turn on, try updating the drivers. Updating drivers for your system help to keep it running properly. Missing or outdated drivers can cause problems within your system.

Follow this guide to update your graphic drivers:

  • Press the Windows key + R to open Run command.
  • Type devmgmt.msc and Enter.
  • Expand display adapters, right-click on your GPU, and update the driver.
  • Select one of these options: Automatically search for drivers: Windows searches and updates automatically the latest GPU drivers or Browse your computer for drivers: Here, you can choose a specific GPU driver and update it manually.
  • Also, you can go to the GPU manufacturer’s site, download and install the latest drivers from the site.

However, Acer monitors have drivers that can be downloaded and installed to enable them to run smoothly. Follow these steps:

  • Move to Acer support site.
  • Put in your monitor’s serial number or SNID.
  • If there are any updated drivers, you will get a prompt to download them.

#6. Examine Your Power Supply Unit

To fix the issue of the Acer monitor not turning on, check your power supply. The power supply unit provides power to all the other components, so they can run smoothly. If your power supply unit has low wattage, it may result in some problems like your monitor not turning on and others. So, check if your cables are properly connected and there are no damages.

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#7. Check Your RAM Sticks

RAM is the memory stick in your computer, it is a very important part of the computer and helps it to function smoothly daily. A faulty RAM may be the cause of your monitor not turning on. However, we advise that while checking your RAM sticks, be very careful, so there would be no damage to them.

Follow these steps below:

  • Shut down your system.
  • Disconnect all cables or cords and open the side panel.
  • Check your RAM and ensure that the RAM sticks are connected well. Ensure that it is not loose.
  • You can uninstall the RAM sticks carefully and reinstall them again carefully. Press the latches on each side of the slots till you hear a clicking sound. Pull out the sticks carefully, then reconnect them back the way you removed them.
  • Try putting on your system again.

#8. Troubleshooting The Acer Monitor

After trying these steps, if your monitor is not turning on, then try the following:

  • Look at your monitor thoroughly on all sides.
  • Check for visible damages like breakages, etc.
  • If there are no visible damages, the problem may likely be from the inside. Take it to a PC expert for repairs.


In summary, Acer PCs have high quality but it doesn’t rule out the fact that there may be some issues that can likely come up. Your Acer monitor not turning on is one of those likely issues but can be fixed.

Follow the steps above carefully and note that opening up the monitor can nullify its warranty period and you can damage your system if you don’t carefully follow the steps.

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