Download The Original iPhone Marimba Ringtone Here

Remember that insanely popular original Xylophone iPhone Marimba ringtone you’ve always wanted to download that came default on the iPhone 4S?

Yes, that one that sounds like a Xylophone.

I’m glad to let you know that it’s available for download right here, right now only exclusively to Richeetech.

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What is Marimba anyway?

It probably confuses a bunch of iOS users when I mention the word “Marimba”. Apparently everyone else just knows it as “that popular iPhone ringtone”.

But the word Marimba is in perfect correlation to the ringtone itself.

Apparently, it derived its name from a deep-toned Xylophone of African origins.

About the iPhone Marimba ringtone

iPhone Marimba ringtone download

The popular Marimba ringtone for iPhone was unveiled in 2007 with the iPhone 4 lineup.

Even till now, Apple still includes this famed ringtone in all subsequent Apple iPhones as standard.

However, because it was made for iPhones doesn’t stop we Android faithfuls from finding creative ways to get our greedy little hands on it 😈.

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In fact, I could bet that 90% of those searching for this keyword on Google are actually Android users 😂.

What is the original default Apple ringtone?

The name of the default Apple ringtone is called “Marimba” and as I mentioned earlier, the name was derived from a Xylophone.

How do I get & download Marimba ringtone on my iPhone?

It’s easy!

Simply scroll down to see how you can download it:

Technical specifications

  • Ringtone ID: #007
  • Genre: Call Ringtones
  • Downloads: 23,311
  • File Size: 125 KB
  • File type: MP3

iPhone Marimba remix

A lot of you have also been searching for the remix of this original ringtone. You may have heard it play in a comedy skit or elsewhere.

Nevertheless, it’s difficult to find those around as they aren’t really popular as the original default iPhone Marimba ringtone.


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