The Wild Fusion Nigeria Office Was Just Renovated, And It Looks Amazing!

Wild Fusion Nigeria, one of Nigeria’s biggest digital marketing agencies, just recently concluded the renovations of its Ikoyi office in Lagos, and the difference is clear.

Located not too conspicuously  in the heart of Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos, it’s no news that the estate, dating back to God knows when, is no Tesla Tiny House and is probably the worst looking as far as prime real estate properties on the Island are concerned so it makes sense that the Wild Fusion Nigeria office would naturally be renovated.

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One could rightly say the company now more gives off that “Lagos startup” vibe that is heard of in office spaces of Terragon, Andela, Paystack and the likes.

A few of the changes the CEO of the company, Abasiama Idaresit, made to the building include but is not limited to repainting in and outside, new hardwood cladding around some of the exterior walls, new office furniture, some replaced ceilings, new fancy lightings and lets not forget the most amazing of them all…the graffiti wallpaper.

Allow me to walk you through the office right from the front door:

Wild Fusion Nigeria office walkthrough.

The Walkway

The inside of the building starts off with the tiny walkway. It has this white ambience about it you’d notice. The glass wall on the right hand side houses the board/meeting room.

The Reception

When you step into the office reception, the wallpaper graffiti just hits you and it all feels quite homely as you can see. And those lights in the ceiling (i’ve forgotten what they are called) are simply to die for.

The Creative Workspace

Wild fusion nigerian office

The creative team responsible for churning out masterpiece image and animation work from here.

The Campaign Workspace

Wild fusion nigerian office

Wild fusion nigerian office

The Campaigns Team responsible for booking and managing client campaigns across Google and social media work from here. Looks remarkable doesn’t it. I’m sure you’d love to work from here yourself.

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Now lets head upstairs…

The Video production Workspace

Wild fusion nigeria office

The video production and editing guys work from here. From TV commercials to product shoot to Vox pops, they do it all.

The Client Solutions Workspace

The team comprising of representatives to each brand the Wild Fusion Nigeria handles as well as the social media and content teams work from here.

That’s all on this episode people. What do you think about their office space. Leave your comments below.

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