TV Is Obsolete. Long Live Mobile App Entertainment!

The days of terrestrial and cable television networks dominating the airwaves are well and truly over, with mobile app streaming entertainment on the up and up.

But even the likes of paid streaming providers such as Netflix and Amazon Prime are under threat, as a huge range of gratis apps provide a colossal range of high-quality content, all accessed from the comfort of your phone or tablet, free of charge.

We’ve collated this list of some of the best paid and free entertainment apps, just for you!

Twitch: The Home of E-Sports Streamers

Twitch is the king of e-sports streaming platforms, with the majority of the world’s best players and entertainers providing regular content for their fans to follow online.

The app is completely free, with users having the option to pay to subscribe to channels on the Mobile Entertainment App if they wish to unlock certain features, like special emojis or exclusive competitions.

E-sports isn’t all that Twitch has to offer; there are a variety of streams available, showing everything from social media influencers holding chats with their fans, to boardgame fanatics tuning in to watch their favorite players duke it out.

With both live feeds and backdated catch-up videos launching all the time, you’ll be spoiled for free content on Twitch for as long as your phone battery lasts.

TV Is Obsolete. Long Live Mobile App Entertainment!

Netflix: Binging Series Never Felt So Good

Of course, Netflix isn’t a free service, but there is a thirty-day free trial period for new customers to take advantage of, giving you unlimited access to some of the best series and movies available anywhere.

The beauty of Netflix is that one episode of a series rolls directly over into the next, as well as saving how far through a certain season you are, which makes for a stress free and seamless viewing experience.

With more new shows being released all the time, this is an app you can ill-afford not to have. Just remember to cancel your free trial before the thirty days is up if you don’t want to start paying for Netflix content, or bite the bullet and keep binging.

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TV Is Obsolete. Long Live Mobile App Entertainment!

Red Bull TV: Extreme Sports Excitement

The Red Bull brand has always been about action and extreme sports, with their logo plastered all over athletes competing in everything from motorbike racing to freeride skiing to skydiving (including a skydive that started in space!).

However, they are also producers of some of the most cutting-edge action sports content, which can now all be found in one place, on their Red Bull TV app.

The app is free to download, and you can even watch live sporting events. It’s no surprise that this app is rated so highly by its users, who’ve written rave reviews in app stores.

PokerStars TV: The Cut and Thrust of Professional Poker

When your brain can’t take any more Netflix series, Twitch streams or Red Bull action, there are always other avenues to explore, like the world of poker.

It’s all at your fingertips with the PokerStars TV app, featuring everything from free tutorials with some of the legends of the game, to replays of the world’s biggest and best live poker tournaments.

It’s the ideal way to learn a new game and to enjoy the thrill of watching top pros perform. With everything you learn, you’ll be able to wow your friends the next time you play.

Vimeo: Video Content for Movie Buffs and Creatives

Vimeo is the go-to place for those serious about film and indeed creating film. However, if all you want to do is watch some of the most cutting-edge content on the web, from fledgling filmmakers to famous producers, the Vimeo app is an invaluable free resource.

The real beauty of Vimeo is that, unlike other video platforms such as YouTube, there is a real focus on quality content, with you calling the shots when it comes to what the app suggests you watch. Start watching now and discover a world of budding cinema gems.

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