The Owner Of Nairabet: 7 Things No One Told You About Akin Alabi.

The identity of the owner of Nairabet is no secret to us, but only a handful actually know more than just the fact that Akin Alabi is a Politician as well as being involved with PNXBET and founding Nairabet.

And just in case you’re into business and you haven’t yet read his book, “Small Business, Big Money“, I personally guarantee that it’s one of the best business books ever written by a Nigerian.

small business, big money

Back to the matter, here are 7 facts nobody ever told you about who owns Nairabet:

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#1. Akin Alabi’s Biography and age.

owner of nairabet
Owner Of Nairabet

Akin Alabi was born on March 31,1977 in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. That would make him only 42 years as at 2019 (talk about being young and making it ?).

#2. Akin Alabi’s Education

owner of nairabet

The renowned owner of Nairabet holds a Masters degree in Marketing from the University of Liverpool, United Kingdom. This was long after he’d failed 5 times to get into a University in Nigeria.

#3. Over The Top Entertainment

owner of nairabet

How many of you knew that Akin also owns a record label called Over The Top Entertainment? Singing duo, Skuki is signed to it.

#4. The owner of Nairabet did Chicken business.

owner of nairabet

Akin once hawked Chickens on the streets of Ibadan to make ends meet. He and a business partner had reared Chickens for the festive season with high hopes of cashing out big, only to realize it seemed like everyone else in Ibadan had also reared Chickens that festive season ?.

#5. Importer, exporter…Koko water.

owner of nairabetAsides from selling Chickens, he has also tried his hands in the importing and exporting of cash crops and other materials.

#6. Akin Alabi’s Net worth

owner of nairabet

Take note, Nairabet has never, I repeat, never received a kobo of external funding. Ever. It grew this big by reinvesting what it made. And that’s why when I see some blogs claiming Akin Alabi’s Net worth is this or that, I usually get curiously annoyed as to where they got their ridiculous figures from.

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Short of simply walking up to the dude and downright asking him, nobody actually knows what Akin Alabi is worth.

#7. The real story of how Akin Alabi founded Nairabet.

nairabet office lekki

He’d been in the UK at one time when his brother had introduced him to online betting. Seeing prospects in the business and then being into publishing information products (eBooks), he wrote an eBook that showed Nigerians how to place bets online on these foreign sites.

The book was an instant hit. Subsequently, he began receiving messages from his buyers requesting assistance with transferring thousands of dollars abroad to place bets on their behalf and then it hit him.

Why not create a betting website here in Nigeria for Nigerians instead?

He hired a developer friend to build something basic (Nairabet V1.0 ?) and sent out a mail informing his subscriber list of the new betting platform. Over 200 Nigerians had registered by the following morning and the rest is history.

Now your turn

Is there any other thing you know about the owner of Nairabet that I didn’t mention here? Please comment below.

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