Whogohost Review 2022: Run Away Or This Will Happen To You Too.

My Whogohost Review goes like this…

For those who don’t know, Whogohost, it’s a Web hosting company in Nigeria founded by one of the co founders of Jobber man (name). Apparently, a lot of Nigerians believe it’s probably the best Nigerian website hosting company, if only they knew better…

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Back in 2016, I’d just left one terrible Nigerian Web host, Qservers and based on several recommendations, chose Whogohost.

whogohost review
Whogohost review: Whogohost cpanel login

I subscribed for a year as I usually do to effectively manage my risk and everything was fine.

It wasn’t great but it was just fine, save for several times my website would suddenly tell me it couldn’t be reached for a few seconds when I tried to install a plugin…or the fact that their servers are as slow AF!

If you’re into SEO like me, you’d know that your hosting company plays a big role in how fast your website loads, forget using caching plugins or Genesis Framework themes.

If the core framework of your website, which is the server, is a Tortoise, you ain’t going anywhere my brother. You can place a Tortoise on a Thread mill to try to make it run fast but in the end,  it’s still a miserable Tortoise.

That’s why i eventually switched to Bluehost and since then, my site now loads 5x faster and my SEO traffic jumped from 8,000 visits a month to over 25,000! You should give them a try for just one year and see exactly what i’m talking about.

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They’re currently doing a promo so you can try their smallest plan for  $7.99 $2.75/month (over 50% off!) using this special link. Thank me later. The promo will end by month end so hurry while the price is still cheap.

Anyway, back to my tragic story with Whogohost, I was prepared to manage it regardless. After all, it was about N8,500 a year and affordable. It was what my budget could cater for at the moment.

Then it happened!

You know, when Akin Alabi teaches that business must never go on break (to much criticism by people), I have to say, the man makes a strong point.

From about the 4th week of December 2018, it was just as if the company had shut it’s doors and gone for the Holidays.

My 1 year was coming to an end on the 28th and I never once got a notice. I kept quiet. We crossed into 2019, no prompt. Website still online. I kept quiet watching them and wondering what promo they were cooking.

Then just like sorcery, on the 1st of January, my website went offline.

Did I exhaust my bandwidth? Impossible because this was the beginning of month. Bandwidths renewed every 1st.

Had they finally caught on to my supposed expired hosting? Nope. My Dashboard on their site said my site was still running. Then WTF was happening?

I quickly whipped out my Gmail and being as polite as I could possibly be, kindly asked them to fix it.

Whogohost Review

They replied that they were having some technical issues that I should bear with them…4 days after.

Around this time, I had begun considering finally switching to a foreign hosting company and Bluehost caught my attention because of their incredible website speed.

By about the 9th of January, I had already bought a hosting package on Bluehost.com for as much as 60% off using this link.

I moved my domain name, Richeetech.com.ng and was about to move my database of files and posts when Whogohost gave me a blow below the belt.

Whogohost Review: My Whogohost Cpanel wahala.

Can you believe that these incompetent people had not one single backup of my site on my Cpanel? Plus, I was barred from generating and downloading any, with errors springing up every time I tried. My over 100 post, one full year’s work…gone!

Immediately, I decided I would do a whogohost review once I got this site back on so I can stop you from making the mistake I made.

In fact mine was small. Imagine if you had databases of information that was vital to the very existence of your business, say your eCommerce store inventory, or your Hotel inventory if you were a Hotel booking company and it just downright disappeared.

No apologies from the company crossed my mail, no refunds, nothing till today. Just solid, still silence from their end.

My Bluehost experience


Superb Customer service:

First of all, I want to thank the Bluehost customer service team in person. While moving my site (one of the scariest things I’ve ever done online), I cannot express the gratitude I have for their live chat guys.

I got connected in one minute tops and they guided me through the entire process seamlessly. Without them, I’d have quit!

Superb Speed:

I told you earlier in this Whogohost Review that Whogohost made my site very very slow. Anytime I tried page speed tests, I’d come in anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds load time (the industry standard is 3-5 seconds). My bounce rate was above 80% and time on site was not even up to 40 seconds.

Since moving to Bluehost, my site speed loads at 5 seconds max (and I’m not even using a fast theme). Bounce rate dropped to 30% and time on site increased ridiculously. Google is taking notes and my SEO is better for it.

Automatic HTTPS and lots more:

Nigerian Web hosting companies will claim to give you free HTTPS but 80% of us have no clue how to set it up. It’s a pretty technically daunting task. And in their minds, they’ve given us https encryption.

My friend and dear reader, the moment I transferred my website to Bluehost, it automatically switched all my pages to HTTPS! No need for any plugin, one time instant activation. Once again, Google is taking notes and my SEO is better for it.


The trick these Nigerian hosts use to capture you is to tell you you’re paying just N300 a month to host. Truth is, in this game, you truly get exactly what you pay for. You pay rubbish money and you get rubbish results. Don’t do it.

Foreign hosts are by comparison, more expensive given the dollar equivalent to Naira. But trust me, the peace of mind you’ll get in exchange is priceless!

And because of this, Bluehost is giving you over 60% off your hosting package as long as you buy through this promo link for  $7.99 $2.75/month! The promo will end by month end so hurry while the price is still cheap.

And to show how committed I am to saving all of you from the mistake that is Nigerian hosts, through this Whogohost review, I’m willing to take care of all hosting setup and transfers for free as long as you purchase your hosting plan using this unique link. If you’re  interested, please contact me right now and let’s talk business.

There it is guys. I hope this Whogohost Review was enough to convince you and not confuse you as to why Siteground hosting is undoubtedly a far better choice than Whogohost, Or any other hosting company out there.

They didn’t tell me. I’m speaking from experience.

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    1. Omo from here on out it’s foreign hosting for me o. Its peace of mind. The only Nigerian host i use that i trust is Upperlink.ng

    1. Bro, profile links are nofollow by default. You’re not going to get any seo benefits from linking to your similar topiced page.

  1. Thanks for the review dude. I was only helping a friend to check it out because he has a low budget and can’t afford a better hosting. But I guess I will be going for another alternative then. Thanks for the honest review

  2. Hello Kehinde.

    Checkout upperlink. They’re the best and cheapest Nigerian hosts I’ve used and i highly recommend them.

  3. Hi Juwah, I understand that you might have a “not so smooth” experience with WhogoHost, but this review is completely off the rail.

    Too much criticism, you know you can’t judge them with your own personal experience, not everybody would have faced the same as you.

    You should have just been neutral.

    1. Bro, this is 2022, they still the same.
      Whogohost can experience downtime up to 5 times a day and one downtime lasting up to 60 – 300 second.

      And its assets delivering speed is VERY VERY SLOW. (for a bogger you may not observe the speed).

      I’m a developer. You can’t load 5 very short videos (20seconds videos) from WGH and it will deliver in 60 seconds. Try it yourself.

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