150 Sites To Download Latest 2023 Hollywood Movies For Free

Have you been searching for sites that allow you download latest free Hollywood movies? Look no further because this post is a one-stop-shop for all your free Hollywood movie download cravings, whether you like it in Full HD, MP4 or 3GP, in English, for Mobile and whatever your preferences may be.

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Free Hollywood movies download

Ever since i was a child in Elementary school, I’ve always been an ardent fan of Hollywood (otherwise called American) films.

I would stay up all night from 12 AM waiting for Channels Television to show their late night movie of the day even when i knew i had to get ready for school in a few hours.

That was then and that was on traditional Television. Nobody does all that anymore. Long gone are the days of going to that nearby shop to buy those pirated 100 in 1 DVD movies (well, except you’re a girl who is into Korean, Philippian and Indian movies).

So if you don’t have the money for a Netflix subscription or you like Osho free, below are names of websites where you can download all the latest and free Hollywood movies and films:

Sites to download Hollywood Movies for free

#1. FZmovies.net

These 5 Sites Let You Download Latest Hollywood Movies For Free

When it comes down to it, FZmovies is definitely my favorite of the bunch.

They call themselves “the largest collection of movies on the internet” (Geez, i don’t know about that though. I wonder what Netflix has to say).

Straight up on their Homepage, scroll down and you will see a classification of movies divided into 3 categories namely, Bollywood Movies, Hollywood Movies and Hollywood Dubbed Movies. Our focus for this post is on the third category.

However, if you need to find what you’re looking for even quicker, no need to scroll down. Just go to their search bar on the top of the homepage.

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You’ll see that you can search by Name of Movie, Director or Star Cast. Set this on “Name of movie”.

Below it you will see the 3 movie categories they offer. Select “H’Wood” and then click the green search button. Now you can see a list of free Hollywood movies to download.

Personally, the best way i search for movies on FZmovies.net is by going to Google search and typing “FZmovies 2020” or any year in which i want to watch American movies from.

Latest Hollywood movies available for download on FZmovies

    1. The Great Race
    2. Streets of Syndicate
    3. G Loc
    4. Emperor
    5. How to Fake a War
    6. The Tax Collector
    7. The Secret Garden
    8. Black Water Abyss
    9. Made in Italy
    10. I Used to go Here
    11. Perfect 10
    12. Spinster
    13. Waiting for the Barbarians
    14. Work It
    15. An American Pickle
    16. Aliens Stole my Body
    17. The Discarded
    18. The Last Conception
    19. Gripped Climbing The Killer Pillar
    20. Paydirt


  1. Large collection of movies
  2. They quickly have the latest movie releases
  3. Fast loading website


  1. Too many, way too many, just way too many pop up ads! (Dear Lawd! You need patience to navigate their site!)

#2. FreemoviezHD.net

These 5 Sites Let You Download Latest Hollywood Movies For Free

I just discovered these guys recently by way of their Telegram Group where they constantly drop links to their latest American films. It’s through there i was able to trace their exact official website.

I just want to say this for the record: i think the UI/UX of their website is plain terrible. But thankfully, if you’re not a design freak, you shouldn’t notice anything out of place.

For some twisted reason i don’t yet know, it’s not possible to find free Hollywood films to download straight from their site menu, however, you need not go far because all the latest releases can be found on the homepage.

Latest Hollywood movies available for download on FreemoviezHD.net

  1. Work It
  2. Berlin, Berlin: Lolle on the Run
  3. Nuclear
  4. I am Vengeance: Retailiation
  5. Black Water Abyss
  6. The Tax Collector
  7. The Secret Garden
  8. I Used to go Here
  9. Paydirt
  10. Perfect 10
  11. how to Fake a War
  12. Unbelievable!!!!!!!
  13. Spinster
  14. The Mummy Rebirth
  15. Waiting for the Barbarians
  16. Made in Italy
  17. An American Pickle
  18. She Dies Tomorrow
  19. Nicole
  20. Shifter


  1. Their categories include: Cartoons/Animation, Yoruba Movies (yes, that’s correct!), Tv Shows, Music, and Bollywood movies.
  2. Fast loading website


  1. No extensive collection of Hollywood movies
  2. Too many, way too many, just way too many pop up ads! (You go frustrate!)
  3. Terrible user interface

#3. NetNaija.com

Some people may see it as an advantage that Netnaija, contrary to how its counterparts are, have other types of content aside from movies.

They offer music (Gospel, Blues, Forign, High Life, DJ Mixtapes etc), as well as Comedy videos, Tech Videos, Gospel videos, Sports videos, Video News etc in addition to movies.

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Personally, i’m a believer in choosing a niche and sticking to it. All these “Jack of all trade” websites just distract everyone from what they’re all about.

Nevertheless, it’s Hollywood movies you came for and it’s free Hollywood movies you’re going to get. So without further Ado, here are a list of some of the latest American movies you can download on Netnaija.com:

Latest Hollywood movies available for download on Netnaija.com

  1. Black water Abyss
  2. She dies tomorrow
  3. Around the Sun
  4. Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons
  5. The Great Race
  6. Streets of Syndicate
  7. G Loc
  8. Emperor
  9. How to Fake a War
  10. The Tax Collector
  11. The Secret Garden


None that i can see


  1. Terrible user interface.
  2. As usual, lots of annoying ads

#4. Nkiri.com – Free Hollywood movies download

free hollywood movies download

Nkiri is a simple looking site, thankfully with far minimal popup ads unlike its predecessors. In addition to the pages and pages of Hollywood films it boasts of, you can also find a nice collection of Korean and African movies in there.

I guess you could say what i however didn’t like about the site is its American movies are not categorized by year. It’s all jumbled up together in order of upload date meaning that you can find a recent movie like The Tax Collector, and following it is a 2001 movie like Rush Hour 2.

That’s just terrible, guys. And that’s what happens when you use a blog website theme instead of a movie website theme for a movie type website.

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Latest Free Hollywood movies available for download on Nkiri.com

  1. LampLife
  2. Crshd
  3. Ghosts of War
  4. Unbelievable!!!!!!!
  5. Spinster
  6. The Mummy Rebirth
  7. Waiting for the Barbarians
  8. Made in Italy
  9. An American Pickle
  10. She Dies Tomorrow
  11. I Used to go Here
  12. Paydirt
  13. Perfect 10
  14. How to Fake a War


  1. Tolerable amount of ads.
  2. Clean minimalist UI


  1. The ad they have loads when you open a new page and blocks the screen. You have to click the ad to close it because it does not have a close button (on purpose).
  2. Movie categorization is a mess.

#5. YouTube + Savefrom.net

Many of you don’t know that YouTube is a lovely website from where you can easily download free Hollywood movies. Just search for “2020 Movies Full” on YouTube and you’ll see what you’re looking for.

One way or the other, they always have all the latest releases because a lot of people are constantly uploading these things to their individual channels.

There are two ways to download your American movies from YouTube: Either use the download button on the app of website itself, or simply copy the movie link and paste it on Savefrom.net. There, you’ll be able to choose if you want the movie downloaded in Full HD, HD, 4 or 3GP quality.

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Now over to you

What sites do you usually download movies from? Have you used any of the above sites before? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments section below.

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