Guess Who The Owner Of Bet9ja Is. The Answer Will Surprise You.

Who is the owner of Bet9ja? We all know the Nigerian betting website but only just a few actually know who owns Bet9ja.

Last year (before the terrible incident of losing my entire blog posts thanks to my useless Nigerian hosting service), i wrote a pretty successful post about the owner of Nairabet that got visitors talking.

Apparently, many Nigerians as a result of the crazy money being minted in the Nigerian betting industry are curious to know who owns these billion Naira sites. You see them searching online for the owner of Merrybet, betking, Nairabet, how much does bet9ja make in a day, bla bla bla.

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However, this is 2019 and this year, we’re going to be doing it a bit differently.

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I’m not going to be telling you who owns Bet9ja just out-rightly, but i’m going to let you guess.  😀

Some things you might not know about the owner of Bet9ja.

owner of bet9ja
Owner Of Bet9ja

He once occupied a Political position as LGA Chairman of Ikosi-isheri Local Council, Lagos State between October 2003 to October 2011.

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He is a graduate of Lagos State University (LASU).

He is the first Nigerian (yes, he beat Dangote) to own an European football club called Clube Desportivo Feirense in 2016 (he bought a 70% stake).

The owner of Bet9ja is Kunle Soname.

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  1. ABASiAMA IDERESIT is the owner of bet9ja he is honesty in the business, he paid promptly, very sincere of the business, no matter the amount you win, bet9ja will pay, I like the web sit of bet9ja, predicting in bet9ja is easy and their code superb, like bet9ja.


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