The Taxify Car Requirements In Nigeria (2019) Are Just Unbelievable.

The Taxify Car Requirements In Nigeria (2019) Are Just Unbelievable.

If you want to know how to be a Taxify driver, here are Taxify car requirements in Nigeria you need to know before you even think of applying:

Taxify Car Requirements In Nigeria: Cars accepted by Taxify Nigeria.

Taxify car requirements in Nigeria

  • The Car must be in working order.
  • It must be able to sit about 4 passengers.
  • Vehicle must be a 2003 model or newer.
  • No Salvaged cars
  • No hatchback vehicles; they must be either Sedans or SUVs.

How to become a Taxify driver in Nigeria?

So you’ve heard that Taxify drivers make considerably good money daily and you also want into the big boys’ club. Well in order to become a Taxify driver, you’d be mandated to meet certain requirements and obtain certain documents depending on what city you’re operating out of.

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Basically, Taxify states them as follows on their official website:

  • You must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Proof of vehicle registration
  • Proof of car insurance
  • Driving experience
  • Vehicle requirements and oh yes,
  • You can’t have had a criminal record.

Think you qualify? All it takes to join is to sign up.

After registering your details, you’ll receive an email from them informing you about the next steps to take.

Taxify inspection centres in Lagos.

Taxify Car Requirements In Nigeria

So you now know all the various Taxify car requirements in Nigeria. You also know the process to follow to register as a Taxify driver in Nigeria.

What’s next is knowing the various vehicle inspection centers in Lagos state to know if your car technically qualifies or not.

Taxify gets this done in partnership with Autogenius, a digital insurance platform and according to their website, you can find all the Taxify inspection centres in Lagos at the following locations:

Taxify car requirements in Nigeria

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If you need further guidance in your quest to track these inspection centers down, simply call Autogenius care line on 08099988005 or shoot them an email at

My first time Taxify experience.

It wasn’t until about the 2nd quater of last year that for the first time, I actually went ahead to use the e-hailing cab app after being nudged by a former colleague at work.

As it turned out a few of my work mates had developed the habit of taking it to and from work. It was a rainy Friday night so whatheheck, I couldn’t be caught dead walking under this Lagos downpour on the way to an even messier Iyana Ipaja in downtown mainland.

I used Taxify’s first timer promo code and got about N1,000 off or so. The guy came in roughly 10 minutes, a silver coloured Toyota Corolla S he brought with him.

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I remember feeling like one chairman that day amidst the drivers occasional inquiries to make sure I was well taken care of. I also wonder why he chose to divulge to me about a certain Taxify ride of his turned sexcapade with a lady rider who when she later told him she was eating for two, he just outright bolted.

He said he was married sef 😐

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