The 2021 Taxify (Bolt) Car Requirements In Nigeria Are Just Unbelievable.

Taxify Car Requirements In Nigeria

If you want to know how to be a Taxify (Bolt) driver, here are Taxify (Bolt) car requirements in Nigeria you need to know before you even think of applying:

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Taxify (Bolt) Car Requirements In Nigeria: Cars accepted by Taxify Nigeria.

Taxify (Bolt) car requirements in Nigeria

  • The Car must be in working order.
  • It must be able to sit about 4 passengers.
  • Vehicle must be a…(Get our detailed eBook to see all the remaining 6 Taxify (Bolt) Car requirements)

How to become a Taxify (Bolt) driver in Nigeria?

So you’ve heard that Taxify drivers make considerably good money daily and you also want into the big boys’ club. Well in order to become a Taxify (Bolt) driver, you’d be mandated to meet certain requirements and obtain certain documents depending on what city you’re operating out of.

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Basically, Taxify states them as follows on their official website:

  • You must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Proof of vehicle registration
  • Proof of car insurance
  • (Get our detailed eBook to see all the remaining 7 driver requirements)

Think you qualify? All it takes to join is to sign up.

After registering your details, you’ll receive an email from them informing you about the next steps to take.

Taxify (Bolt) inspection centres in Lagos.

Taxify Car Requirements In Nigeria

So you now know all the various Taxify (Bolt) car requirements in Nigeria. You also know the process to follow to register as a Taxify driver in Nigeria.

What’s next is knowing the various vehicle inspection centers in Lagos state to know if your car technically qualifies or not.

Taxify gets this done in partnership with Autogenius, a digital insurance platform and according to their website, you can find all the Taxify inspection centres in Lagos at the following locations:

Taxify (Bolt) car requirements in Nigeria

  1. Autogenius HQ
  2. Agungi TOTAL Filling Station
  3. FMR Auto Center
  4. Get our eBook to see all the remaining 5 Taxify Car Inspection locations.

How much does Taxify (Bolt) drivers make a week in Nigeria?

So it has come to my attention that a lot of you Nigerians who are interested in venturing into this Taxify business are wondering how much Taxify Drivers in Nigeria make per week.

The answer to this question is not as simple as stating a uniform amount that covers every driver.

How much a Taxify driver in Nigeria makes a week will be determined by several factors like the area they operate in (for example, Victoria Island will bring more rides than Ajah).

It could also depend on how many rides they accept and how many riders cancel their order. Another important factor to also note is how many hours a day the driver drives.

All these factors will in one way or the other influence the total amount a Taxify driver makes in a week.

However, all things being equal, the figure is somewhere around N200,000 per week.

Taxify (Bolt) partners….looking for drivers in Nigeria

Several people have called me saying they are fleet owners who want to partner with Taxify to look for drivers for them in Nigeria.

If you fall into that category of people, you can always get our in-depth eBook that will tell you everything you need to know.

Looking for more in-depth information about driving with Taxify?

Get our detailed eBook below:

Get eBook here

Still on Taxify car requirements in Nigeria: My first time Taxify experience.

It wasn’t until about the 2nd quarter of last year that for the first time, I actually went ahead to use the e-hailing cab app after being nudged by a former colleague at work.

As it turned out a few of my work mates had developed the habit of taking it to and from work. It was a rainy Friday night so whatheheck, I couldn’t be caught dead walking under this Lagos downpour on the way to an even messier Iyana Ipaja in downtown mainland.

I used Taxify’s first timer promo code and got about N1,000 off or so. The guy came in roughly 10 minutes, a silver coloured Toyota Corolla S he brought with him.

I remember feeling like one chairman that day amidst the drivers occasional inquiries to make sure I was well taken care of. I also wonder why he chose to divulge to me about a certain Taxify ride of his turned sexcapade with a lady rider who when she later told him she was eating for two, he just outright bolted.

He said he was married sef.

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181 Replies to “The 2021 Taxify (Bolt) Car Requirements In Nigeria Are Just Unbelievable.

  1. Hello Gideon,

    As far as year of car is concerned, your Matrix qualifies. However their rules also state that they don’t accept hatch-back vehicles so unfortunately, i don’t think they will be accepting your type of car.

    1. pls Camry big daddy is it accepted by taxify,how much did u think i can see per day if am driving my car my self and what is yr percentage.

      1. Camry Big Daddy is accepted by Taxify, as long as it isn’t older than year 2004.

        I believe you can make as much as 20,000 a day.

    2. I have a car I want to register for taxify but don’t have d time to drive it myself.

      How do I go about it. What are the terms n conditions

      1. I can drive it for you sir. Am a graduate searching for job for the past two months, I have more than five years experience driving in Lagos and interstate.

      2. Hello sir, it will be of a great pleasure if I can drive it for u sir, here is my contact sir 09073214841

      3. I have been searching for this opportunity sir …I really need to start doing this transport system but challenges is that I don’t have a car ….and it’s difficult to get one from higher purchase…
        These is my number sire 08034741517

      4. Please I have a Camry V6 se Toyota,can this work well it’s in very good condition,how much do u think I can make a week?

      1. Give us a call on 08164441409 and we will answer all your burning questions. Remember, consultation fee is just N2,500 naira only.

  2. Exactly @Richard. That’s why I was surprised when I ordered a ride in Abuja and a matrix pulled up.

  3. Hello, I have a Toyota Camry 2006 which I want to use as taxify can, my drivers license is not out yet, can I register with my valid drivers permit from FRSC?

      1. Good day brother,
        Sir I have a commendable years of driving experience and also with me is a valid driver’s license but I have no car. I’d be glad if you can help me secure a driving job with taxify.

  4. Good mrng Friend, pls can i sign up with my Hunda End Of Discussion 2003 with mileage 263658?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi John.

      The mileage of the car doesn’t matter. However, a 2003 model won’t make it. Taxify only accept from 2004 and above.

  5. Hi, please l want to know your office around Maryland, if l can get a phone number to call that will be good.

  6. Hello Mary,

    Richeetech at this moment does not have an official office. However, you can reach me via phone at 08131696753.

    1. Pls do you have any office in Ibadan and can 2004 Honda Accord use as a taxify,pls how can I register for it pls kindly inbox me the steps I will take THANKS

  7. Heloo,can I use Kia Rio 2006 for taxify.
    Secondly how much can I make from 5pm to 10pm daily
    And how fast.or aw long will the registration take with all requirements

    1. Yes Sam. Your Kia Rio 2006 will be accepted. As for how much you can make during that time, that is relative to several factors.

    1. Yes I believe you can. You might have to go through a bunch of drivers before you find one who will accept but essentially yes.

  8. Good day sir, I’m a driver and I need a car, I will appreciate if you can help me out… Tell: 07033007519

    1. Please where is Ogba TOTAL Service Station for tixify location please can someone give me the address of it thanks

  9. What’s brand of car is accepted by taxify from which year and also is the car going to be insured by the owner

  10. Pls am a good driver I need a car to help the owner drive under taxify or even if it’s a high purchase pls contact me I’m available 07061819153. My name is Austin

    1. I’m afraid i don’t think so. It’s a hatch back vehicle. The year is ok but they don’t accept hatchbacks.

    1. My name is David, I’m interested in bolt but I don’t have a car. I’ll be obliged if someone can offer me a car subject to contract. I based in Ibadan. 07055460725

  11. Good afternoon here please I dont really have an experience as driver before cause I only drive secretly with boss car but what are the chances of getting hired as taxify driver

      1. Hello
        How much can I make in a day, if am not the one driving the car, if my car is registered with taxify?
        Am a busy person can I put my car for taxify to manage it and pay me my weekly or daily rates? If yes, What are the requirements


  12. I have a Toyota sienna 2004, will taxify accept it. And I am 20 years old with up to 5 months of driving experience, but my driving skills is good

      1. Adewale is my name, I have years of driving experience. I can drive for you. You dint leave a number, here’s mine 08094253454. Call me ma’am if it’s still available. Thanks

      2. Hello Fabian I’m an Experienced Bolt/Uber Driver with Vilid License Incase you need a honest driver for a Good Weekly Return Please Contact me 07037822600

      1. Hello Fabian I’m an Experienced Bolt/Uber Driver with Vilid License Incase you need a honest driver for a Good Weekly Return Please Contact me 07037822600

    1. Good day my, am Akinyemi Samuel Akinwale by name, will like to drive your car for u ma, pls kindly contact me on 09073214841

  13. Please I am interested in taxify, I don’t have a car yet, but I have a valid drivers license my number is 09051701274

  14. Hi! bro, please why is hatchback vehicles not accepted by taxify, that’s very unfair, as long as the vehicle is in perfect condition I see no reason why such car should be rejected. At least, not matrix and Rav4. Uber accept Jeep for God’s sake

  15. I have a Nissan Maxima GLE 2002 MODEL full option. I have seen here 2004 below is not accepted but I have strong feeling if you see this you wouldn’t know its 2002. Please check out images on online and tell if it qualifies. Though I will personally visit the office

  16. My name is richard I have Honda Accord 2004 model I want to use for Taxify but am looking for a honest driver call me on 08148191331

    1. Hello Fabian I’m an Experienced Bolt/Uber Driver with Vilid License Incase you need a honest driver for a Good Weekly Return Please Contact me 07037822600

    1. Hello Fabian I’m an Experienced Bolt/Uber Driver with Vilid License Incase you need a honest driver for a Good Weekly Return Please Contact me 07037822600

  17. Good morning I have Toyota Echo 2005 tokunbo sedan want to put it on taxify. Can taxify get me driver and receive my money weekly or how do I go about it

    1. Hello sir am Akinyemi Samuel Akinwale, I can actually help you to drive your car, u can contact me on 09073214841

      1. Greetings sir I’m a decent honest person who’s interested in bolt platform nd wil be grateful sir to get connected to a car owner seeking for who to drive it on a hirepurchase plan I would so much appreciate it sir……08033570447

  18. Please am in abuja and will like to know how to join the taxify company and the process involved….. A contact that I can call will be well appreciated. Thanks

  19. Pls i have just few months driving experience but j know howvto drive very well,i drivers licence ,can bolt allow me to drive

  20. I have the option of these phone models to be used as a driver, I want to know if they are acceptable as a driver.
    1. Samsung Galaxy A10
    2. Gionee S8s

  21. Hi guys, I have a 2010 Toyota Corolla but with a little tint nor the thick ones. Would the tint be an issue with bold?

  22. Pls sir, can Toyota Avalon 2005 model v6 be used for bolt hailing services.Secondly when are u pple opening for new registration

  23. I read online that there is taxify lite 2002 cars and Above, for Lagos..

    Please will my Honda civic 2002 be accepted by toxify???
    I want to register it

  24. Hello good morning guys, please I want to confirm if Peugeot 407 2004 model can be accepted

  25. Can someone provide Taxify office address in Ibadan. I own a fleet of vehicles and I will like to partner with Taxify.

  26. Please I want to be a taxing driver if you are looking for someone to drive your car please call me on 08056213466 whatsapp number er

  27. Please if you need a driver for your taxify car, you can contact me on 08068160688 or Whatsapp me. I can drive it for you. Thank you

  28. I have not been receiving request for ride over 3 weeks now. My car is Avalon 2007 . I saw a message on my app that says. ‘ this car doesn’t have any categories in this region. Pls change the car or contact local support team’
    It also written in red. That I will not receive any ride request. Pls what can I do.

  29. Good morning sir
    Please I have a 2001 Toyota Highlander and a 2000 Honda CR-V .
    I want to register the Highlander on bolt. I stay in benin, do you accept Highlander on bolt?

    Thank you

  30. My friend once used Camry 2000 for bolt. On bolt registration, cars of 1996 are also allowed to register. Is it a function of locality that Camry 2001 and 2000 is nolonger accepted?

  31. Please is toyota camry 2002 (crystal light) acceptable? if yes please I would like to give it out to any serious minded driver for weekly returns.
    Please I’ll need urgent response thanks.

    1. Yes. It can be accepted once it is in good condition. If you also need a good driver who can deliver and be able to maintain the car. You can call 08037796697

  32. Can My Toyota Echo 2005 model (sedan, 4 doors, automatic transmission with full A.C) be used for Bolt

  33. Dear Mr Joseph Ejimofor,
    You model of car can be accepted if in good working condition.
    You can call 08037796697 for driving purposes to help maintain you car.

  34. If you need a responsible person as your Uber/bolt driver contact me please . I reside at Ikola close to Command Lagos. (08131193134)

  35. Please can I use 1999 Nissan altima for bolt in Ilorin. And also can bolt accept driving license processing paper till driving license is out. Thanks

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