Celebrichee: How To Get A Nigerian Celeb To Tell You Almost Anything

You may not have heard of Celebrichee, a marketplace for getting personalized video messages from Celebrities that is taking Nigeria by storm.

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But we can bet that a lot of you have been looking for a platform like this without knowing it!

Imagine if you could ask a popular Nigerian celebrity like Big Brother Naija’s Triky Tee exactly how he made it into the Reality TV show?

Imagine if you could get popular Comedian, Koffi Tha Guru to send your Mum a happy birthday video message knowing quite well he was one of her favorite TV personalities?

Imagine being able to ask a Nigerian Celebrity to tell your special someone just how much they meant to you?

Well, now you can!

Celebrichee personalized Celebrity video message shoutouts

Richee Media, one of the best Social media Agency based in Lagos, Nigeria launched Celebrichee in order to bridge the gap between Celebrity and Fan, a medium to bring Fans digitally and physically closer to their favorite Celebrities.

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The problem Celebrichee wants to solve

We’ve all tried it and a greater percentage of us have been unsuccessful in getting a certain Celebrity to notice us on social media.

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Celebrities by virtue of who they are are prone to getting thousands of DMs and tens of thousands of comments on their various social media accounts.

The dilemma for these special people becomes “Who do I respond to?”, “How many people can I respond to?”.

Worse, it could take them days or weeks to finally read your message.

The best bet most of us have to see a Celeb in real life is at a Concert, yet still, chances of walking up to one of them to get a selfie or say hi are greatly limited.

Celebrichee: Making impossible Fan connections possible

You see the problem with mainstream Social media apps like Instagram and the likes is that though they can present Celebrities to look glorious with all their millions of Fans, it’s pretty much just an exhibition.

This means this “relationship” is merely a one way communication between Fan to Celebrity 97% of the time.

Before Celebrichee came into the picture, it has basically been like coming to the window of a store and admiring their products but you can’t actually get in.

Enter Celebrichee.com, a Celebrity-to-fan marketplace that allows Super fans to reach out to a Nigerian Celeb and finally get the chance to engage in a 2 way conversation with them…everytime and always on time.

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How does it work exactly?

Celebrichee personalized Celebrity video message shoutouts

The platform at the moment allows Fans to pay celebs a fraction of the fee it takes to get their attention in exchange for them to send the buyer a personal video shoutout message for whatever occasion.

This video will then be delivered to the buyer’s WhatsApp or Email within or less than 7 days after they buy them.

People are currently using the platform to purchase personalized video shoutouts from Celebrities to wish their loved ones happy birthday.

We hear some people use it for different reasons ranging from getting a Nigerian Celebrity to sing for them and congratulate a friend on buying a new car.

Some also use it to congratulate someone on their wedding day, wish a daughter happy Graduation and yes even to toast/ breakup with a boyfriend or girlfriend (you better believe that 🤣).

The usage applications are just numerous and you have your creativity to guide you.

However, note that the platform will not deliver any request that uses profanity, is rated 18 in nature or is abusive.

Pass the fun around!

If you think a product like this is a really brilliant idea and sounds great, hit the social share button below to tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter about it.

Is this something that interests you? You can go browse through their list of Celebrities and order a personalized video shoutout on their website.

P.S – You can actually get 10% off your first order by simply scrolling to the bottom of their website and entering your email.

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