Samsung TV Warranty Check: The Complete Guide

Have you been struggling to check your Samsung TV warranty and you don’t know how to? If yes, then follow this article to learn how to check your Samsung TV warranty.

Samsung is a multinational manufacturing conglomerate in South Korea. Its headquarters is situated in Samsung Town, Seoul, South Korea.

This company has lots of products in the market ranging from mobile phones, home appliances, and TVs. Some of its products are rated high in the market due to their best quality. However, this doesn’t mean Samsung products may not have errors, they may have but they can be fixed.

Buying a Samsung TV is a good investment because even if it has an issue it will be fixed or replaced during the warranty period.

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Samsung TV warranty check: What does it cover?

Samsung TV Warranty Check

Samsung warranty covers parts and service. This warranty covers only products with manufacturing defects.

Samsung warranty conditions include:

  1. A customer can not transfer the warranty.
  2. The customer whose name is on the receipt has to personally present the proof of purchase.
  3. The customer is responsible for the installation of the product.
  4. Products repaired are those that malfunctioned under normal circumstances and correct usage.

What does Samsung TV warranty check not cover?

Samsung TV warranty does not cover damages that result from misuse, accidents, or natural disasters e.g when the screen of your tv is cracked, the warranty doesn’t cover it. In these cases, you may have to find a store-bought protection plan or an extended warranty, so it can cover those damages. For Samsung Plasma TVs, the warranty does not cover burn-in.

Samsung TV warranty may not cover external elements like your TV’s plastic parts. And also it doesn’t cover display panel damage caused by improper viewing habits. Samsung LCD televisions have a recommended aspect ratio for watching full-screen or full-motion videos.

Using wrong aspect ratios that are not recommended and viewing static images and any other media that are not standard videos can wear out display panels unequally over time.

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What Information Do You Need To Provide If You Need A TV Warranty Service?

You will need to provide some information about your product when you want to check or claim your warranty. You may have registered this product but you still have to ensure you have the information in case of any medium you choose to claim your TV warranty.

  • Proof of purchase. This will show the date of purchase. It is your purchase invoice or receipt.
  • TV model
  • TV serial number
  • Problem description
  • Your contact details like your name, address, and phone number.

How Long Is Samsung TV Warranty Valid?

Samsung TV warranty lasts for one year for products like LED, LCD, Home theater, Plasma, Projection, DVD, and Blu-ray players.

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How To Check Your Samsung TV Warranty

Samsung TV has a one-year warranty period. So, if you purchased your TV recently from an authorized shop, that means your TV is still under warranty.
An easy way to know if your Samsung TV is still under warranty cover is by looking at the date of purchase on your receipt. If you don’t have the receipt, you can try checking your bank statements.

Also, you can check your warranty in paper form, you should have received it when you purchased your TV. According to Samsung’s warranty policy, those forms must be filled out well for them to be valid. You should search for these forms to know if your TV is still under warranty coverage.

However, it is good to note that one rule regarding warranties. Your TV must have been mounted and used properly according to instructions. If used accordingly and there is a malfunction, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge but If otherwise is the case, you will be refused a warranty.

You can also check your Samsung TV warranty online without going physically to any licensed shop. You have to register your Samsung TV first. Follow these steps to create a Samsung account:

  • Visit the Samsung website.
  • Move your cursor to the options icon in the upper right corner and select Sign in/Create Account.
  • If you have an account already, sign in. If not, create an account.
  • After logging in, move to My Product List.
  • Register your TV by clicking Register My Product. You will be required to input your TV’s serial number.
  • Then, you can check the warranty of your product by clicking Warranty Information.

If you don’t know how to find your serial number, in an older model, check the back of your TV (the right side). There should be a sticker there containing the information you need. In a newer model, you will see the serial number in the support menu.

  • Open Menu on your television.
  • Look for the Support option.
  • Then, press Contact Samsung.
  • Your Samsung TV will show the product information including the serial number, the software version, and the model code. You can write this down and keep it in a safe and easily accessible place in case of future use.

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How to Claim a Samsung TV Warranty

After discovering that your TV is still under warranty, you may want to claim it. Follow the steps below:

#1. Visit a Samsung licensed store.

Go to a Samsung licensed store or the particular one where you purchased your TV.

  • Go to the Samsung support page.
  • Choose either of these two options—Find a Repair Center or Schedule and Track Service.
  • Type in the required information and check the instructions that follow.

Depending on the model, if your Samsung TV is more than 37 inches, you may not need to pack it up and go for repairs. you will just have to dismount it before it is worked on.

#2. Over the phone.

  • Call Samsung via 1-800-726-7864.
  • Tell the agent that you want to claim your Samsung TV warranty.
  • Some information will be requested and then follow the instructions provided by the agent.

#3. Claim your Samsung Warranty Via Chat.

  • Move to the Samsung support page
  • Then, click on Message Us
  • Enter your question in the pop-up chat window
  • Fill out Samsung’s online service request form directly on their website.

What Should You Do if Your Samsung TV Warranty Has Expired?

Though the one-year warranty that comes with Samsung TV is short, you may want to extend it considering the cost and lifespan of the TV. And maybe towards the end of the one-year warranty, your TV had no issue.

You can extend it by going to the Product warranty page on the Samsung website. Select Register Warranty Pack and check the options. You can also extend it by finding a warranty reseller, you may like their offer.


I hope this post was helpful and you have been able to learn how to check your Samsung TV warranty. If you have any questions or contributions, let’s hear them in the comments below.

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