5 Gossip Blogs In Nigeria That Don’t Send Your Fada.

They are the top gossip blogs in Nigeria. They are unapologetic. They are brutal. They are candid and blunt AF, without a second thought, they will out your deepest darkest secrets for the world to to see…all for the sake of page views.

Ladies and gentlemen, you probably know them already. Meet the top 5 gossip blogs in Nigeria that don’t care who your father is:

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5 Gossip Blogs In Nigeria That Don’t Send Your Fada.

#1. Linda Ikeji’s Blog

gossip blogs in Nigeria
Gossip Blogs In Nigeria

The Mother of them all! Linda is the undisputed champion of this Mean Girls club. Whether it’s publicly outing the owner of Instablog, or picking a fight with Wizkid, she sure knows how to cook dem stories well and serve dem cold. And hey Linda, no one likes snitches.

#2. Instablog

gossip blogs in Nigeria

Yes, yes, yes! If it isn’t the king of gossip and all the bad news that happens in Nigeria himself! Finally, you got dragged into the light by Miss Linda…Mr. John Abayomi Aruleba. Apparently, Instablog broke into the media scene in 2015 and has since been a thorn in the flesh of many Nigerian celebrities.

From ridiculously controversial posts like I only raped one and fingered the other – Teacher arrested for defiling 2 students to Tonto Dikeh opens up about the lingering Cold War between her feet and harmattan, these guys have rightly earned the title of the most notorious of gossip blogs in Nigeria.

#3. Tori

gossip blogs in Nigeria

As it turns out (shocking to me), this Nigerian gossip blog is owned by Cyclofoss Technologies…the same company that owns Latestnigeriannews.com (i discovered during one of my many failed attempts at getting Richeetech syndicated on their platform. Now i know where their terrible UI/UX website design comes from  :D ).

Of course, most Nigerians have no clue about this. It’s like how they also have no clue that Naij (or Legit if you will  :? ) was not founded nor is it owned by a Nigerian company.  8-). Why don’t you chew on that for a while.

#4. Lailas News

Gossip Blogs In Nigeria

Laila Ijeoma, unknown to most, actually quit her N5 million/year banking job in 2016 to blog full time (many would rather die than do such an ‘absurd’ thing).

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Speaking about quitting one’s job in favour of running a blog, kudos to my SEO and blogging mentor, Paul Aroloye for also taking that bold leap.

#5. The Net

Gossip Blogs In Nigeria

According to The Net, they claim on their website to have 20 million users across all their web platforms and cumulative views of a staggering 6 billion (I think they mean page and video views).

Well there you have it, people! The top 5 gossip blogs in Nigeria.

How to make your own Gossip Blog

Many of you aspire to be like Linda Ikeji and the likes. Problem is many of you don’t usually know where to start. The first step in making your own Gossip blog like the ones i mentioned above are as follows in 3 easy steps:

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  • Start writing Gossip stories

Is there any one I forgot to mention? Write it in the comments section below.

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  1. Yes you are right.thanks for the listing. There is another standout blogger creating scandals and controversials on the internet. I love reading Gossip blogs. I think you should also mention his or her blog https://naijabloggersgossip.blogspot.com
    I bet despite the author doesn’t mention about him\herself in the blog, he or she must have a great vision ahead in the Gossip blogosphere.

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