10 Hilarious DIY Coronavirus Masks Nigerians Need To See To Believe That This Sh*t is Real

Here are 10 of the most hilarious and funny DIY Coronavirus Masks Nigerians need to see to believe that this sh*t is real in the abroad…and people are already losing their minds!

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Naija, I swear una no get problem at all. And because una no get problem, una also no get creativity.

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While you all are still busy pursuing regular masks and gloves to protect yourselves from the scourge of the Coronavirus Pandemic in the Country, your mates are out there in Russia, US, China, Italy and the likes making “great strides” in technological innovations in a means to combat this virus.

They say pictures are worth a thousand words, right? Well these 10 hilarious and funny DIY Coronavirus masks will show you just how real the hustle is over there.

P.S – Try not to laugh too much, okay. After all, these are people also fighting for their lives just like you…only more.

Most hilarious and funny DIY Coronavirus masks ever

#1. Awon “Sponge” Bob

Hilarious DIY Coronavirus Masks

#2. Ladies, please can you explain to me what is going on here?

#3. Egungun be careful Corona dey for road.

#4. When you love your Dog a little too much

#5. Haba! Your Car sef get him own?

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Hilarious DIY Coronavirus Masks

#6. Bros, no be that kin anti-virus. Use your Brain!

#7. Ladies, come and claim your property on this guy’s mouth O

Hilarious DIY Coronavirus Masks

#8. (Water) container don land? 

#9. Star Warz Geng (Is that milk?)

Hilarious DIY Coronavirus Masks

#10. No Bra Day!

11. (Bonus): This could be a great social media Advertising idea for Heineken

Now that you’ve all had your laugh, it’s time to get serious.

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Preventive tips against Coro

Remember to always abide by the tips the World Health Organization has prescribed to us which are mainly to:

  • Always wash your hands
  • Stay at home
  • Maintain Social distancing
  • Report any suspicious cases of the virus to the appropriate channels.

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Stay safe.

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