20 Apps Like Vshare For Android, IOS & PC | Vshare Alternatives 2021

Here are 5 apps like Vshare for IOS, iPhones, PC and Android that are similar and are perfect alternatives to Vshare.

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What happened to Vshare?

A lot of you have been wondering what exactly happened to the once popular and well renowned app, Vshare. It was an app that allowed IOS users to download and install cracked files normally not installable on the IOS platform.

If you go to their official website, you’ll notice the site doesn’t load. As to what exactly happened to it, we’ll never know.

But one thing i do know is that history has taught us that any app or website that pops up and promises to be some sort of hack to bypass something, they usually never last long. More times than not, a heavy lawsuit gets dropped in their lap and blows them to smithereens.

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Others similar and alternative apps like Vshare

When one dies, another rises in its place!

Not surprisingly, there are a whole bunch of other alternatives to Vshare that exist not just on the IOS platform but also on Android and for your PC too. Let’s start with IOS apps:

IOS, Android & PC apps like Vshare

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#1. AppCake

Appcake is one of the most popular Vshare alternatives out there that can be used on IOS, Android and even on a PC. It’s a community where members share apk files so other members can download and install them on their phones.

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However, in reply to questions about whether or not it is safe to use, you should know that because the app is being used to download software that has been distributed illegally, all may not be well in that area so…use at your own risk!

#2. AppValley

While AppValley may be a similar app to Vshare, there poses a problem of knowing which website is the legit website to download the app from.

A quick Google Search for “AppValley” brings up a lot of different websites all with variations to the spelling of the word. I guess what’s needed in cases like this is to do a couple of trail by error to see which one actually works.

#3. Apptoide

Apptoide, yet another alternative to Vshare leads with a home screen that shows a bunch of apps and games that have been compiled by Editors. One can say that perhaps the most notable feature that makes Apptoide standout is that although it is free to use, premium paying members have the ability to set up a shop on the app via which they are put up their own apps for sale.

Apptoide is only available for Android devices.

#4. AppTrackr

Only available for iOS devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, AppTrackr’s unique selling point is that it helped IOS users to test Appstore IOS apps before they purchased them.

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Other IOS, Android and PC apps like Vshare include but are not limited to:

#5. Panda Helper

#6. Flekstore

#7. Tutuapp

#8. Cydia

#9. AppEven

#10. iPastore

#11. iNuclear App

#12. TweakBox

#13. AppAddict

#14. Blackmart Alpha

#15. Zeusmos

#16. AC Market

#17. Mob.org

#18. Hipstore

#19. iTongPush

#20. Zestia

Now over to you

Which of the above apps like Vshare have you used? Is there any other app that is similar or a good alternative to Vshare that we don’t have on this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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