Union Bank Transfer USSD Code: How To Transfer Money From Union Bank For Free

Union Bank Transfer Code: Here’s our Master guide that is going to teach you how to transfer money from Union Bank to other banks for free using a USSD code! Continue reading to find out more.

About Union Bank Transfer Code

Union Bank Transfer Code

This service which helps you to transfer money, recharge airtime, top up data, check your account balance and so on, was introduced by Union Bank Nigeria for the sake of those who don’t have access to an internet enabled mobile phone.

Of course internet enabled phone owners can also use the service. In fact, i personally find using USSD codes more convenient as opposed to the Mobile app.

Some prefer to call it Union Bank Mobile Money recharge code or Union bank codes or short codes, either way, it’s all the same thing.

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The Benefits

  • Send money to other banks
  • Buy airtime for yourself and others
  • Buy Data for yourself and others
  • Check your account balance
  • Open a new Union Bank account
  • Pay your bills etc.

How to register for Union bank transfer code

To be able to use and enjoy all the benefits that come with this service, you need to be registered.

First and foremost, you must have an account with Union bank (like duh!). Next, dial *826# to register using the number you used to open that Union bank account.

How to create Union bank transfer pin?

So I’m just going to put this out there. It’s really not enough to simply register for the Union Bank USSD Mobile banking service.

There’s a transfer pin that is needed to authenticate all transactions you use the service for.

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Every time you buy airtime or data, every time you send money to a friend or lover or even as little as checking your account balance, you need to input this 4 digit pin to verify that one scammer hasn’t taken over your phone to defraud you.

To create your Union bank transfer pin, simply dial the USSD code, *826*5# from the number you used to open that Union bank account.

One more thing. I’ve realized i usually forget my GTBank mobile app login pin because i don’t use it as often. So when you’re creating yours, please don’t be like me.

Use a combination you can remember, the best being your ATM card pin or the last four digits on the card itself.

How to transfer money from Union bank to other bank on mobile phone

Now here’s how to transfer money, cash, owo, kudi, paper, from Union Bank to other banks using your mobile phone.

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Simply dial *826*2*amount*Account number#. After this, the next step involves you inputting your transfer pin for authentication.

Next, you will see a pop-up sms on your phone to notify you of your successfully completed transaction.

How to buy airtime with Union bank transfer code

To buy airtime for calls or data:

  • Dial *826*amount# from your Union Bank registered phone number then enter your transfer pin.

To buy airtime for friends and family (3rd Party):

  • Dial *826*amount*recipient’s phone number# from your registered phone number then enter your transfer pin.

Note that whether you’re recharging for yourself or a 3rd party, you can’t recharge more than N20,000 a day. And if you think about it, who the hell needs that much airtime in a day?

For money transfers, the threshold is N200,000 daily.

Now over to you

Have you tried using the Union bank code to transfer money or buy airtime? Did you have any troubles? Comment below and let’s solve them together.

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  3. For three good days now I can’t transfer money with this code *826# why if you people don’t want me to use your bank anymore please let me know to find another alternative they more bank available. If I recharge charges for what na


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