Is Using Paraphrasing Tools A Good Or Bad Practice For SEO Experts?

The debate over whether or not to use paraphrasing tools for SEO experts is fierce.

Some people think paraphrasing tools will increase the traffic and rankings of their content because they give the material according to its context.

However, others disagree with the aforementioned (POV) point of view because they think there isn’t much point in using paraphrasing tools since technology will never be as good as human minds.

That is why this guide will take help from both POVs to conclude whether using paraphrasing tools is a good or bad practice for SEO experts. So, without any further ado, let’s begin this guide.

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What is a Paraphrasing Tool?

A paraphrasing tool is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) based tool that uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) technique to paraphrase content according to its context.

Unlike manually paraphrasing a piece of content, a paraphrasing tool saves the time of writers and SEO experts because users can rephrase the entire content with a few clicks. However, users often debate whether using paraphrasing tools is a good or bad practice for SEO experts. Therefore, without wasting any further time, let’s analyze this debate.

Is Using Paraphrasing Tools a Good or Bad Practice for SEO Experts?

The answer to this question depends on whether an SEO expert knows to use a paraphrasing tool correctly or not. So, let’s see the answer to this question through the effects of paraphrasing tools on the SEO optimization of content.

How can paraphrasing tools help SEO experts in content writing? 

First, let’s discuss how paraphrasing tools can help SEO experts in content writing.

  • Help in avoiding content duplication – Original content:

Search engines prefer uniquely written and original content. So, suppose an on-page SEO writer wants to rank his written content in the top results of search engines. In that case, his entire focus should be on writing a unique piece of content.

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However, every time, producing a unique piece of content to fulfill clients’ requirements can be challenging for on-page SEO writers. Therefore, to avoid this situation and make the task easier, writers prefer using AI-based paraphrasing tools, which is the most common benefit of using paraphrasing tools.

As top-notch paraphrasing tools do not entirely focus on synonyms-replacement techniques to paraphrase the content, writers and SEO experts should always prefer such tools to avoid content duplication.

  • Help to avoid grammatical error – A+ quality content:

Apart from content duplication, it is also essential to provide grammatically correct content to the readers. Otherwise, the published content will hurt the SEO performance of the blog. So, to avoid such a situation, content writers should proofread their typed content.

However, suppose a content writer doesn’t have a good command of the grammatical rules. In that case, he can use the help of the ‘Paraphrase tool (rephrase) – paraphrase online’ tool to correct the grammatical flaws of his content.

Undoubtedly, AI-assistant tools like Grammarly can assist while writing content. But such tools require integration into the preferred word processor of every writer, which might be frustrating for some writers.

Therefore, paraphrasing tools are an excellent alternative to AI-based grammatical and punctuation error correctors.

Most paraphrasing tools are easily accessible online. So, writers won’t have to integrate such tools into their desired word processors. Instead, they can use them by accessing their home page and inputting grammatically incorrect content.

Thus, the paraphrasing tool will use its advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technique to produce grammatically correct content and improve its rankings in SERPs. 

  • Assist in achieving good content flow – Better content readability:

When writers write content for readers instead of search engine bots, search engines prefer that piece of content. So, content with a better user experience will get top ranking for the targeted keywords in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

However, suppose an SEO expert is not good at judging and creating content according to the intent and experience of users. In that case, he can input his dull piece of content into a paraphrasing tool to enhance its flow.

The paraphrasing tool will detect the boring parts of the content and optimize those parts according to the context. This way, the content will rank better in search engine rankings.

The working of paraphrasing tools, like ‘Rephrase Text – Best Paraphrase Tool, is based on NLP and AI algorithms. So, such applications first detect the context of text with the help of the Natural Language Processing technique.

Then, it uses the detected context to produce a paraphrased piece of content with the help of Artificial Intelligence. So, it is one of the significant benefits of paraphrasing from an SEO perspective.

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How can paraphrasing tools be wrong for SEO practices? 

Now, let’s discuss how paraphrasing tools can ruin the efforts of expert on-page SEO content writers.

  • Depend on synonyms-replacement technique:

Most free paraphrasing tools detect the main words of content and replace them with irrelevant synonyms.

Such a lousy paraphrasing technique affects content’s readability and impacts the user experience of content. Thus, a piece of content with a bad user experience will have a low SEO score.

  • Destroy the keyword structure:

As mentioned earlier, most free rewriting, content spinning and paraphrasing tools work by replacing the main keywords with synonyms. So, often, the synonyms-replacement technique destroys the keyword structure of content, which is a killer for on-page SEO.

No doubt that SEO techniques have become advanced and keywords don’t play a significant role in ranking content.

But entirely neglecting the keywords will do more harm than good for the SEO of the blog. So, SEO experts still don’t recommend ignoring keywords when writing content.

  • Ruin hyperlinking:

Internal and external linking while writing content also plays a massive role in the SEO performance of content.

But when writers use the help of free paraphrasing or content spinning tools, they often destroy the hyperlinking of content. Thus, a piece of content with no relevant hyperlinking means a lesser chance of ranking the written content in the top results.

  • Wrongly paraphrased content:

As mentioned earlier, paraphrasing tools use the help of the synonym-replacement method to remove content duplication. But synonym-replacement is not enough to remove plagiarism from the content.

So, suppose an SEO expert entirely relies on such paraphrasing tools. In that case, it will not eliminate plagiarism from his content, which will be a killer for the SEO of his content.

How To use a paraphrase Tool?

Follow the simple steps for using a paraphrasing Tool

  • To paraphrase online using a rephraser, go to the web and search for a tool. These paraphrasing tools can automatically rewrite your content in different words without changing the meaning. So select a tool that gives you the most favourable results.

  • After selecting the tool copy-paste your content in the input box to paraphrase the content 

  • Follow the instructions and fill out the captcha and press the paraphrase button

  • Just wait a few seconds and paraphrased content will be in front of you 

The paraphrased content provided by the best paraphrasing tool will be plagiarism-free. You can use this content for any purpose


The answer to the question ‘Is using paraphrasing tools a good or bad practice for SEO experts’ depends on the ability of SEO experts to use paraphrasing tools.

Undoubtedly, even the top-notch paraphrasing tools will not provide ideal results in a single attempt, as they are entirely dependent on user instructions.

So, users will have to run the top paraphrasing tools a few times to get the required results. But if a user doesn’t know how to instruct the paraphrasing software correctly, he won’t get accurate results. 

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