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  1. Thanks for the help but i think my telegram is not attached to any email. I lost my number, how else can i get back on my telegram??? I need help.

        1. My email address is not submitted too. Oh gosh i had so much stuff on that account i need them for my final exams😭

  2. Why is this article titled how to reset passcode lock when it’s about how to reset the password, which is completely different?

  3. Um that link is wrong.
    Go to the page, then click on HOME on the nav bar.
    You’ll find that this telegram has nothing to do with the messaging service.

  4. This is about PASSWORD, not PASSCODE. Maybe because you rarely use telegram so you don’t really know the difference. But password and passcode are different in telegram.
    You can only use numbers as passcode, so suggesting to use email as passcode is impossible.

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