MTN Recharge Code 2023: How To Recharge Or Load MTN Card

Here’s how to recharge or load MTN Card using the new MTN recharge code.

Before we go on, it’s important you know that there are different recharge codes depending on what you need the airtime for. In other words, there’s a different MTN recharge code for data and another for airtime.

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It’s also important to note that the guy’s at MTN recently changed the recharge PIN from 12 digits to 16 digits so don’t be alarmed and think your vendor is trying to scam you with fake recharge cards 😇.

Let’s take a look at them one by one.

How to recharge or load MTN card for Airtime

how to recharge or load MTN Card new MTN recharge code

This can happen in several ways: Either you purchase your card from a vendor, or you’re loading direct from your phone via a bank code, or you’re using an ATM or internet banking, or you’re using the MTN recharge code itself.

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For the physical MTN recharge card, typically, once you purchase it, the instructions on how to load it is pretty much, usually printed right there on the paper. But just in case yours isn’t, here’s how to go about the both of them:

#1. Recharging via card

  • Buy the card (obviously 🙄)
  • Dial *555*the pin on the card#
  • Press the call button on your phone
  • E.g – *555*000000000000#

#2. MTN Recharge Code via bank

Here’s where it gets a bit tricky. Every bank in Nigeria has it’s own recharge code and they’re all different. It’s no use cramming all of them though so all you’ll need is the code for your bank.

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Here are the codes of a few popular Nigerian banks (hopefully, yours is in there somewhere 😁).

  • GTBank: *737*AMOUNT#
  • First Bank: *894*AMOUNT#
  • Ecobank: *326*AMOUNT#
  • Access Bank: *901*AMOUNT#
  • Zenith Bank: *966*AMOUNT#

#3. How to recharge or load MTN Card via ATM

For those of you who don’t know, you can also load MTN recharge card via the ATM. Actually you can do a whole lotta other things with the ATM 🙄 besides withdrawing money.

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The process is quite straight forward actually:

  • Slot in your ATM card and enter your 4 digit PIN
  • Click “Airtime Recharge” in the ATM menu.
  • Select network and input the amount.
  • Input your phone number and confirm transaction.
  • Note: Some ATMs will require you to select QuickTeller first from the initial ATM menu before you go to  the Airtime Recharge option.

#4. Recharging via Internet Banking

Once you’re registered for internet banking, loading recharge card on your MTN is as easy as 🥧.

Just get the bank’s app, login and on the dashboard menu, you’ll surely see an option to recharge or topup airtime.

How to recharge or load MTN card for Data

Once you’ve surmounted the task of loading credit, recharging to buy data on MTN is actually the easy part.

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Simply dial *131# and select which data option suits your budget best.

Code for how to check MTN airtime and data balance in Nigeria

There’s just one last stop before we go home. What is the code for knowing exactly how to check your MTN balance, whether data or airtime?

To check your MTN airtime balance via USSD code, simply dial *556#. To check your MTN data balance via text, send 2 to 131. To check via USSD code, dial *131*4# or *559#.

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