We’re Back, But You Wouldn’t Believe What Happened To Us…

We’re back, and you wouldn’t believe what happened to us.

On the 1st of January 2019, Richeetech went offline.

It was the peak of the new year and enjoyment was still in the air. I was over due on my Whogohost hosting by just 3 days but I had not gotten any notifications. This couldn’t have been the cause of the down time.

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Nevertheless, I sent their customer care a mail to fix it, trying to sound as polite as I could possibly be. They replied that they were experiencing some technical issues and I should be patient with them.

Mind you, I sent the mail on the 1st of January, they replied on the 6th. After their plea, one day passed. Two days, three days….(WTF!)

I was furious! What a way to start the new year! I hadn’t had any serious issues with Whogohost for a whole year and now this?

Quickly I made some research on my friend’s tech blog and settled on Bluehost hosting.

My friend’s tech blog, Nairatips

I transferred my domain to Bluehost and when it came to transferring my database of posts, plugins and the very soul of Richeetech, just guess what happened…

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It was gone.

Not a trace. I didn’t find anything stored. It was as if they’d somehow deleted my entire site by mistake or intentionally for some twisted reason I still don’t get.

Then I remembered a similar story I once read like 3 years ago somewhere, perhaps on Nairaland, of a guy who also lost his entire database to the bastards.

Lesson learnt

Everything happens for a reason i believe. I can choose to go and cry in one corner for my over 100 posts and 1 whole year of work…or I can learn from the terrible experience with Nigerian web hosting companies and come back stronger. I learnt two lessons my dear readers:

1. Nigerian hosting companies (like Whogohost and Qservers both I’ve used) are useless. I will never use them again.

2. Always always always backup your website at least once monthly and everytime you want to make a technical change that can potentially break your site. Don’t rely on automatic backups, whoever your hosting company is.

I’ve learnt my lesson.


And BTW, moving to Bluehost has been just amazing! So far so good, customer care has been fantastic (they reply live chat in seconds!), I got a bunch of freebies and the hosting is super fast!

Right off the bat, I recommend it to everyone serious about starting a new website or transferring one. And oh…I almost forgot to mention that I got about 60% off when I used this link (if you’re buying buy now because the promo will expire by this month end and the price will double).

I’ll be writing a full review of my experience with this new foreign hosting company in a subsequent post but for now…we’re back for good!

Happy new year!

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  1. Greetings!
    from Nigeria, how were you able to make payment for their hosting services?
    Could you provide a guide on that?

    1. Hello Evans,

      Through my GTB naira mastercard.

      As for a guide, I mentioned I’d be writing a follow on article about my experiences with them. There I’ll state how to go about everything.

      However in the meantime, If you need help, I can be of assistance. Just let me know.

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