Richeetech Is Officially 2 And This Is How Our 2019 Went Down…

We founded Richeetech on the 1st of January 2018, and by the grace of God, we’re two years old this January.

Let me just use this opportunity to say that this is the first ever blog we’ve done that has lasted this long. We’d typically just assess the performance that year and often, it didn’t measure up so we’d just end their lives mercilessly.

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Richeetech is also the first of our blogs to ever not just generate revenue, but also to be quite profitable.

Anyway, in this very 1st post of the year, we’re going to be using this opportunity to recap on the year in review. I’ll be telling you guys about our successes and failures this past year as well as our plans for 2020.

Buckle your seat belts. Let’s go.

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Richeetech Traffic stats: 2018 vs 2019

Visitors and visits


Richeetech brought in a total of 146,000+ visitors which represented an increase of over 300% compared to 2018. Mad!

Number of times people visited (Sessions) also increased by 400% to 168,000.

Pageviews and Time on site


Pageviews stood at 234,000, an increase from just 56,000 last year (300%+ increase).

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Visitors also spent 20% more time on our site this year.

Country and traffic source

In 2018, America sent us the most visitors. In 2019, Nigeria produced the most by an overwhelming majority  about – 87% (Naija for life).

In 2018, Direct traffic accounted for the most source of website visitors but in 2019, search engines sent us the overwhelming majority of 84,000 visitors while Direct stood at 58,000.

Richeetech Revenue figures: 2018 vs 2019

So let’s face it. If all this isn’t producing money, it’s all just a big waste of time, isn’t it? Well I’m glad to tell you that it isn’t.

In 2018, Richeetech only managed to earn N18,000 ($50) from one sponsored post from a foreign Bet company.

However in 2019, we were able to make N90,000 ($250) from sponsored posts, banner ads and e-book sales.

I can almost hear someone laughing or hissing. People like Linda Ikeji are making hundreds of millions yearly and we’re making 90 grand?

Regardless of this, I’m really grateful to God Almighty. We aren’t where we want to be but by no means comparable are we where we where when we began in 2018 – the stats speak for themselves.

Plans for 2020

#1. Write more guest posts:

An important strategy for growing our traffic to 30,000 visitors a month is to gain links from tech-relevant, high authority blogs.

Whether this comes as a result of paying or not paying to acquire these links, we aim to write more guest posts that will link to high traffic pages on our blog.

#2. Focus on Affiliate and Sponsored posts as main revenue sources:

A friend of mine, Paularo earns an average of $2,000 a month from selling sponsored posts to advertisers on his tech blog so I know it’s a Gold mine. I’ve also read stories of how much one can make selling Affiliate marketing offers.

This year, PPC is dead to us. We got a approval late last year but we decided to shelve PPC monetization as it really doesn’t work except you have huge traffic figures. Upcoming bloggers should please keep this truth in mind.

#3. Paystack for payment:

We’ve also faced the Brick wall of receiving payments via Paypal, so you’re not alone in this frustration. Last year we lost deals just because our prospects didn’t want to pay via any other means but PayPal.

However, this year with our integration of Paystack via which to pay for ads directly from our website, we’re hoping to if not completely, at least drastically reduce the number of these bounced offers by providing a safe, fast and trusted means to pay.

#4. The “Triple Whammy Effect”: 3-in-1 website traffic growth hack!

The name may sound funny but it’s no joke. I coined that name to describe a crazy traffic growth hacking idea that came to me by God’s divine grace while I was yet high.

It’s a strategy that when done right can send any blog traffic from other websites as well as from search engines for years to come. I won’t go into this here so keep an eye out for when we eventually write the post about this hack.

That’s all for now.

Keep reading Richeetech. Tell your girlfriends about us.

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