Folofologram Reviews: What Buyers Are Saying…

See real customer reviews about Folofologram. Find out if they are legit or a scam. Keep reading to uncover the truth.

What is Folofofologram?

Folofologram is an e-commerce website that helps Nigerians grow their social media communities with real Nigerian followers. It services clients ranging from predominantly Business owners to Content creators, Influencers and Musicians.

What they do

Folofologram reviews

Folofologram performs a number of functions and they are divided into several categories namely:

  1. Instagram follower sales
  2. Youtube Subscriber Sales
  3. Tiktok follower sales
  4. Social media account sales

Folofologram reviews: Frequently asked questions

These frequently asked questions have been drawn from what customers have been asking about the e-commerce platform. Answers were compiled from reviews about Folofologram across the internet.

Q1. Are their followers real?

Majority of websites that advertise for the sale of Nigerian Instagram followers have turned out to just be selling just bots. However, about 95.7% of buyers reported that indeed they received follows from real Nigerians on Instagram through the Folofologram platform . This leads us to believe that their followers are in fact real.

Q2. How old is the website?

A lot of potential buyers ask for the age of the website because they attribute how old it is to how trust worthy the website is.

On this note, the Richeetech team used a few domain research tools on Google to trace the origins of the website. We found out that it was founded around February 2018. That would make it about 4 years plus in age.

Q3: Can my account be banned from buying followers

If you buy social media followers from dubious websites, yes, your acct can be banned because all the social media apps will see will be bots filling up your page.

You may not know this, but the purchase of fake followers is frowned upon by Instagram, YouTube among many others.

However, as mentioned earlier, based on numerous reviews of the e-commerce platform by buyers, the kind of followers Folofologram sells are real followers, and real Nigerian followers cannot get your account banned.

Q4. How does Folofologram get their followers?

The social media e-commerce platform is able to provide real and active Nigerian Instagram followers by running paid promotions to a large number of Nigerians who fit the target audience a customer wants.

This is why they can assure clients of getting only real and active Nigerian followers and not bots.

Q5. How can I make an order?

To make an order for Nigerian Instagram followers, accounts, YouTube and TikTok followers, visit the shop page on their website and place an order. You will be asked to checkout securely using Paystack or Flutterwave after which a purchase receipt will be sent to your email.

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