WebHosting Service in Nigeria: 5 Urgent Things That Require Attention When Choosing

A lack of inspection on web hosting companies—has increased the number of websites that execute actions below average expectance.

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Surfing through a webpage that takes more than 5 seconds to load completely is a red flag; it is like putting something very annoying in front of someone who gets annoyed by it.

Web-masters spend so much time building a charming website instead of removing the funnel that will fetch downtime to their website.

On the other hand, suppose a site collapses for 30 minutes, the excellent designs will disappear for 30 minutes as well.

This article was motivated by the uncountable complaints and bad reviews disseminated online about slow website performances, loss of data, e.t.c shared by brands, companies, and individuals while working with the wrong web hosting company.

Things to learn in this article

  • Effects of downtime
  • How speed can rank a website in 2021
  • How to know the strength of a Webhosting company.

5 critical things to consider when choosing a Webhosting company

  1. Performance
  2. Uptime
  3. Features
  4. Price
  5. Support

#1. Performance

A website speed of 0.8s takes your clientele away from the hassle of staring at a webpage for more than 5 seconds; even snakes generally give up after a minute.

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In addition, web pages have servers that respond to them. What will be the speed of your website when the server is down? (Read about uptime)

It is a smart move to quit using any Webhosting company with a website speed of 4 seconds. Google considers it poor, and your site will not rank in 2021.

One of the multiple methods of ranking a website on Google search engines is, having a good website that loads per 0.8s.

#2. Security and Backup Matter:

Weak security is why files get disordered, leaked, and hijacked by malware.

One website security tool a good Webhosting company should offer is SSL (secure socket layer). SSL locks documents, card details, and other information from the sight of hackers.

No one gets this tool free of charge but, the clients of trywebber.com are exceptional.

#3. Uptime

There is nothing nastier to walk-through than downtime. Well, there is. There are an uncountable number of things nastier to walk through, especially if there’s a downtime.

The long wait for a website to come back online is unfair because you are not the only person dozing off uncomfortably on your chair.

Effects of Downtime

A colossal amount of customers will go in search of other websites that render similar services.

While some people would wait longer for your site to come back online to enable them to complete a transaction, finish reading an article, or research on a product, you must be doing something about it immediately.

A lot of good businesses have received bad reputations because of a rapid downtime.

How to discover if a Webhosting company is conscious of downtime

Experts have proven that 99.99% uptime is the goal Check thoroughly online if their main website has gone offline in the past.
It will ease the stress of facing downtime in the future.

#4. Features

They are other features like bandwidth that have not been stretched much on this article.

Bandwidth is a cousin to the speed of your website. It determines the fastness of your website. The larger your bandwidth size, the better, and prices differ according to the amount of bandwidth.

A website that contains big files should work with a hosting company that provides a bandwidth size of up to 300Gigabytes.

#5. Pricing

It is remarkable to know if the Webhosting provider is a reseller hosting service—from the high price of plans and subscriptions.

A good Webhosting company must have low-priced plans and subscriptions for customers to be eligible to renew their subscription when it expires.

And this should not jeopardize the presence of all features needed by website owners to run their online business efficiently.

#6. Support

A tawdry customer service representative will leave you miserable and wondering why you chose them in the first place.

Perhaps, Webhosting companies that contribute a solution to your problem every single hour of the day will save you in serious needs.

Moreover, before working with any Webhosting company, first, check if they have a WhatsApp number.

Second, a good Webhosting company must have an address to their office shown boldly on their website.

Third, save their phone number and email address.

Putting this into practice will save you from pressures such as downtime, slow performance, and poor support.

Nevertheless, holding the company address is necessary because you won’t get assured that their website will not undergo the same problem.

2 mistakes website owners make when choosing a Webhosting company.

Removing word with pencil’s eraser, Erasing mistake

No one ever gets told about these mistakes because it seems okay but, it is wrong to check for the time in business and online reviews when considering a good Webhosting company.

Why do I argue so?

#1. Time in business: Twenty years of existence has no expression to show that a Webhosting company is reliable. Perhaps, they could be facing downtime and poor support during this period of old age—with no solution to their problem.

#2. Reviews: Brands or Companies are bothered to make up something interesting about their product, and the energy they enforce on diminishing the reputations of their competitors is the reason why reviews are not on my list of things to consider when choosing a good Webhosting company.

A lot of good, bad, and neutral reviews about a particular Webhosting service provider come from unknown sources but, it will be wise to note that some companies pay people to write bad reviews about their competitor’s products to weaken their reputations.

The Bottom line

The best way to avoid downtime is through external backup. And Webhosting companies with no backup should be escaped, like a plaque.

When downtime occurs unexpectedly, you need to run to another Webhosting company for safety and install backed-up files into the new host. If done appropriately, it will take less than 30 minutes to transfer your domain name to another host.

Who do I run to for safety during downtime?

No one welcomes stranded website owners better than TryWebber.

They offer 99.99% of uptime, cheap plans as low as $2, excellent customer service provider available 24 hours a day to take care of your requests.

Your files will be backed up and secured free of charge. Webpage loads in nanosecond. For more information, check out their main page.

Thank you for sticking through on my advice.

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