Is This The Best SEO Company In Nigeria?

Is this the best SEO company in Nigeria?

If you’re searching for the best SEO company or Agency in Nigeria that is an expert at ranking websites on the first page of Google, this might just be the one.

If you’re a blogger and you’re reading this, you’ll agree with me that for people like us, traffic is a very important commodity in this sort of business.

The Problem with my SEO

I began Richeetech last year January and to say the truth, i hardly had any traction in the way of search traffic from Google.

My direct traffic was a decent 4 figures which was fair for a new blog and was the bulk of the site’s traffic by a wide margin but SEO traffic was simply deplorable. I constantly struggled to crack a mere 300 visitors a month from this traffic source.

SEO company in nigeria

At the turn of 2019, i wrote a post about my woes using Whogohost and how i had lost all my 107 posts from 2018 before i moved to a new web hosting company, Siteground (as it happens, that has probably been the best decision i made this year so far).

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However, what i didn’t mention was what my 2nd best decision this year was. Are you curious to know? Continue reading.

A ray of hope

I ran into an old schoolmate at a tech event in Lagos who happens to own a fashion blog for traditional Nigerian clothing. This blog was basically making a killing monthly from Google Adsense (about $850 per month if i remember correctly) thanks to immense traffic from Google search.


Paul told me his fashion blog was bringing in between 50,000 to 70,000 search visitors a month as a result of a continued search engine optimization strategy an SEO company in Nigeria executes for him monthly.

I was like, “What? Come again?”

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I know when Paul started his blog and it hadn’t yet clocked 3 years old. Given, it was almost 2 years older than mine, but still, i was confounded.

I needed to know what company was responsible. I had to know. My life (more or less) depended on it.

The SEO meeting

The following week, i found myself in a meeting with Honey Adum, the Vice President of strategy of Richee Media, a digital marketing agency in Lagos Nigeria operating out of Lekki that had executed successful digital marketing campaigns for the likes of Polaris Bank, Airtel Nigeria and a horde of foreign and local companies.

Richee Media

By the end of the meeting, we had reached a conclusion on the plan of action to take to resurrect my ailing search traffic within a 3 month period. Here is a summary of the strategy.

  • Conduct in depth keyword competition and volume research.
  • Execute a well thought out on-page SEO optimization plan.
    Speed up website load time while drastically decreasing web page size.
  • Launch concerted efforts to acquire niche relevant, high authority links from a predefined list of websites.

The results

They say seeing is believing, and we Nigerians really love to see to believe. As such, i made sure to take screenshots for your convenience.

The month before we kicked off the campaign (February), my SEO traffic was exactly 190 visitors.

At the end of March (month 1 the month we started), my SEO traffic had jumped more than 1,000% from 190 to 1,684 visitors. It had become the 2nd highest traffic source only behind Direct traffic after occupying the last position just the month before.

As at the 24th of April (3 weeks into month 3), my SEO traffic was more than tripled last month and currently sits at over 5,040 and growing, officially taking over the crown for highest traffic source.


Needless to say, it works like magic! Based on this growth trajectory, i forecast up to 10,000 visitors from search engines within the next 2 months or less.

If my story convinced you and you’re ready to take your SEO to the next level, you can visit Richee Media website to contact them and i know you won’t be disappointed.

When you do, please, feel free to share your own search ranking stories with me. I won’t hesitate to feature it as my next post on this matter.

If you have any questions, suggestions or opinions on this post, please kindly leave a comment below.

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