5 Best Google Sheets Alternatives You Didn’t Know About

Google Sheets Alternatives are practically scattered all around the world wide web. All it takes is for you to search and you shall find.

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As for me, the moment I started using Google sheets and the entire range of Google GSuite products like Google Slides, Forms and Docs just a year ago, I swear I’ve never seen the need to switch to any Google Sheets Alternatives.

Nevertheless, it’s good to always have options. Can’t keep all your eggs in one Google basket.

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5  Google Sheets alternatives you should try

So without #FodaAdu, we’ve compiled a list of what we believe to be the top 5. No.1 is one of my favorites:

#1. WPS Spreadsheets

I first started using WPS Spreadsheets from WPS Office on Android long before I installed it on my Windows to replace all Microsoft Office products. Trust me, it has been a wonderful experience since then.

WPS Office supports XLS, XLSX and CSV files and comes with a handy feature of uploading your Spreadsheet documents on the cloud so you and your team can access it anywhere, anytime.

However considering the fact that Google sheets is practically free for all, most reviewers say the WPS spreadsheets alternative is more expensive but on the flip side has better support than the former.

#2. Microsoft Excel

Google sheets alternatives

As I just finished saying in point one, I ditched Microsoft Office on my Windows (quite ironical) in favor of WPS.

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Reason for this was simple: I hated all the “Your Windows Office license will soon expire” notifications plus the fact that as far as usability goes, WPS is way simpler (of course for me no alternatives beat Google Sheets).

One good thing about the Microsoft Excel is that the mobile apps have a very familiar user interface as the Desktop.

And like WPS, reviewers think Microsoft Excel is more expensive than Google Sheets but has better support and meets your requirements better.

#3. Apple Numbers

Although I’ve personally never gotten the opportunity to use Apple Numbers Spreadsheet, avid Apple fans who have claim it’s (obviously) more expensive than most, but it proved easier to do business with and is better at support.

The Application was developed by Apple Inc. for their iWork productivity suite along with Keynotes & Pages and is  available only for IOS and Mac OSX v10.12 or newer.

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#4. Zoho Sheet

Best Google Sheets alternative

Number 4 on our Google Sheets alternatives list is called Zoho Sheet, and it apparently provides better convenience when switching between .xlsx, .xls, .csv, and .ods.

Reviewers claim that Zoho Sheet promotes team collaboration to the fullest with its ability to save automatically in cloud storage such that any team member can access it whether from home, office or otherwise.

#5. LibreOffice (Open Source Google Sheets alternative)

Best Google sheets alternatives

For those of you preferably looking for an Open Source alternative, LibreOffice is touted as probably one of the best personal productivity suites out there for Windows, Macintosh and GNU/Linux.

With this application, you can create text documents, spread sheets, presentations, solve Math equations, make drawing, convert to various file formats, export to PDF, preview in web browser among other things.

Now over to you

Which one of the above have you tired? What did you like or dislike about it verus using Google Sheets? Comments below.

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