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  1. Seed funding seems like the more practical way for them to raise such amount.
    Then again this is Nigeria and a lot of money laundering is going on and it’s not out of place to use startups to launder huge funds!

    My 2 cents

  2. God will save us in this country, a company less than 2 years.
    They might have a rich chairman working in the background and just made Dare the CEO.
    I wish them success.

  3. I sent #500 to @Luqlinx on the abeg app and instantly got back #2,500 credited in my account. There are so many tricks on this app, I’m sure!

  4. Abeg app is actually great and has earned enough to have sponsored this show

    Very huge investment I must say they must have earn more than what they invested

  5. It was so surprising that a tech startup like Abeg could sponsor a show like BBnaija. No one actually knows for sure how the company was able to invest such a humongous amount on the show. But It seem like a lot is actually happening than meet the eyes.
    All thesame…bravo to Abeg

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