Top Digital Entrepreneur Fernando Raymond helping Bloggers to get Online and Earn Money

Almost everyone in Nigeria would like to know ways to make money online without a huge capital investment while working from home.

Hence, the need for this article to introduce you to the work of digital entrepreneur Fernando Raymond, who has been a digital nomad for the past 7 years and guiding people like you on how to make money online from home. But not to worry about quitting your day job yet, as the work from home approach could still be practiced while still retaining your day job, at least until your online business becomes profitable.

In fact, there are so many ways to make money online in Nigeria as promoted by Fernando Raymond in his guide, that everyone would definitely find what is most appealing and easily get paid working from home.

About Digital Entrepreneur Fernando Raymond

Digital Entrepreneur Fernando Raymond

Fernando Raymond is a foremost Digital Entrepreneur, an SEO expert, who is notable for his digital marketing agency, ClickDo and as someone that is passionate about promoting digital entrepreneurship and teaching profitable and powerful online business strategies.

Currently, living in London, United Kingdom – Fernando is born in Sri Lanka, and he is the CEO of ClickDo™, an SEO and Online Marketing Services Agency, and also that of SeekaHost, a Global web hosting company.

He is the author of The Ultimate Sales Machine and Social Media Marketing and SEO Strategy For Hospitality Industry and is presently working on a revolutionary online educational platform to provide world-class e-learning on entrepreneurship, digital marketing, personal branding, and best practices helping both newbies and advanced students to build a digital enterprise and attain freedom.

How Fernando Raymond grew ClickDo from a freelance SEO consultancy to a digital marketing agency

The journey started with his first blog, fernandobiz, after which he started to share his knowledge about how to help small businesses in London to grow. As a passionate digital expert, and someone that loves what he does, he was soon able to get his first client, although the pay was a small monthly fee for his SEO services. Then, ClickDo Ltd. was born and it was run by Fernando all alone in its humble beginnings.

Now, as time goes on, and to meet the growing demand of his SEO services he decided to hire more staff and quickly realized the benefit of having digital skills needed to provide top quality SEO services. Initially, he would only train them individually where possible, but it became more time-consuming with growing numbers of clienteles.

Then, he decided to create ClickDo Academy for digital marketing courses so that everyone could benefit and become an expert, not just his own clients. Fernando built his company stage by stage and is a proud digital entrepreneur today, working on several online projects and digital products at the moment.

How Fernando Raymond wants to help Bloggers to get Online and Earn Money

Fernando Raymond has recently launched a digital online academy called SeekaHost University that provides you with access to all kinds of courses related to blogging, digital marketing, WordPress management, mastering online systems and platforms or SEO and you’ll find a wealth of online tutorials to guide you step by step by accredited industry experts.

With the goal to help 100 million people to learn digital skills and join the digital economy, and thus earning a living doing what they enjoy. This freedom is at the core of the SeekaHost e-learning platform, and they thrive on bringing in the best instructors to create compelling courses that can easily provide the skills for newbies to become advanced, digital experts.

SeekaHost has extensive resources to help you to master the art of building successful business and personal blogs via the SeekaHost web app on And it offers one of the cheapest but best personal website hosting packages in the market to host your personal blog or website.

In fact, SeekaHost is your best choice to create your Personal WordPress website for best performance, with guaranteed 24/7 technical support and expertise to handle all technical issues.

And also, you’ll get free access to the best-selling online SEO training courses, so that you can learn first-hand all about the most important online skills you need to rank your personal website on search engines like Google. The step-by-step video tutorials will show you just how to easily start a personal website or blog and apply SEO techniques to grow your personal brand online.

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