Where To Buy Quality Backlinks In UK For Less Than £1/Link!

Buy quality Backlinks in UK for less than £1 per link?

If you’re conversant with the worldwide SEO industry and how much backlinks cost, you’ll know just how ridiculous the statement above sounds.

But it’s true!

Let me put it in perspective for you.

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Back in 2018, I was working at a digital marketing agency and I remember an occasion where we paid more than $250 to buy…guess how many?

5 Backlinks 😒!

That means each link was approximately $50 😂.

That just goes to tell you how expensive building quality links are.

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Why do you need backlinks?

Why does any website need backlinks? What’s their importance in the larger scheme of things?

Reason #1: It leads to High rankings

Backlinks are currently the number one ranking signal Google uses to rank websites on its Google search engine.

In Google’s eyes, the more backlinks and the more websites that link to you, the more it sees you as a reputable source of what your website is about.

All things being equal, this results in an increase in your search engine rankings for particular keywords.

Think about it this way:

If you tried to go to a VIP party and you weren’t of VIP status, chances are the Bouncers wouldn’t let you through.

But the moment you show up in the company of say, Davido’s 30BG Gang, the Bouncers will take it that you’re affiliated with Davido so they’ll let you all into the VIP lounge.

So to speak, because you received a high quality backlink (a vote of confidence from a high calibre personality like Davido saying ‘He’s one of us”), the Bouncer (Google search) let’s you all into the 1st page of Google (the VIP lounge).

So whether you’re hoping to get your website in front of your target audience to buy from you, or you’re a blogger who needs traffic in order to make money from ads, ranking on the 1st page of Google is the first step to getting all these.

Reason #2: It sends you a ton of traffic

The more backlinks you have in relevant and high traffic websites, the more their visitors click through into your own website.

Reason #3: It drives free leads and sales

This point is like a resulting effect of the first two.

The higher your rankings, the more people who are searching for what you’re selling see you.

The more who see you on Google search, the more click to visit your website.

The more who click to visit your website, the more fill your lead generation form, call you and buy from you.

A very good instance of this is my Influencer marketing agency that has been ranking on Google page one since 2019.

That page alone has brought us more than N2 million Naira in less than 1 year because European companies who are looking for a local influencer Agency in Nigeria find us on Google.

Where to buy quality SEO Backlinks for cheaps in UK

Buy quality Backlinks in UK

RicheeRank is a backlink building platform I created that helps website owners build scalable, quality but affordable backlinks to help them drive awareness, traffic, leads and sales to their websites.

Here are a few reasons why you should buy Backlinks in Nigeria from RicheeRank:

Why buy links from RicheeRank

#1. “White Hat” SEO Practices

First and foremost, the links we build are all done with Google SAFE Techniques so that you do not get penalised by Google.

#2. Guaranteed 1st Page Rankings

All other SEO factors being equal, we can guarantee that you will achieve first page rankings as long as you’re consistent in building high quality backlinks to your website over a period of time.

#3. Affordable Payments

We consciously wanted to make a platform that was affordable for virtually anyone looking to buy quality backlinks in UK.

#4. High Domain Authority, Niche Relevant Links

Depending on the plan you go for, we don’t just sell high quality backlinks, we also sell niche specific links that pass proper relevancy signals to Google and significantly boosts your rankings.

#5. 5+ Years Experience

We’ve been doing SEO and link building as far back as 2014 so much so that we’ve ranked over 1,000 keywords on Google.

It’s safe to say that we’re pretty much Certified SEO Experts In the UK. We know what works and what doesn’t.

#6. Free SEO Consultation

Last but not the least, we offer top notch SEO Consultation for free to a select list of our clientele.

This means before we even start building your links, while in the process and after, we’re constantly advising you on how best to optimize your website for maximum SEO domination.

How it works



Step 1: Visit RicheeRank website

Step 2: Scroll down to take a look at a our Plans and according to your needs and monthly budget, click “Contact Us” under the Plan you want.

Step 3: A new window will open in your email app for you to tell us the details of the plan your choose.

We’ll then happily answer any questions you may have until you’re ready to begin.

Step 4: Our team of SEO Experts will build your backlinks according to the pricing plan you selected.

Step 5: You’ll receive a report of all the links applicable to the plan you chose at the end of the duration in the plan you chose.

For example, if you chose our Airplane Plan, you’ll receive a report maximum of 15 days after your order was made.

RicheeRank SEO Backlink Building Plans

RicheeRank sells what is called a “productized service”.

This means that it’s services are packaged into predefined pricing tiers or plans with differing levels of service delivery depending on which plan you pick.

You can pick between the Airplane Plan, the Rocket Plan and the Spaceship plan.

Checkout plans in detail

Buy Backlinks in UK: Conclusion

I hope you found this post useful. Let me know if you have any questions about SEO or backlink building in the comments section below.

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