10 Best Live Streaming Sites For Football You Didn’t Know About

10 of the best live Streaming Sites for Football you didn’t know about…until now!

Have you ever been in the situation were you couldn’t make it to a television on time to watch your favorite football teams play, maybe due to working late or some other stuff you couldn’t just abandon?

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And in such times of need, you have internet access, however, you have no clue as to the best streaming websites where you could watch a live football match.

Ladies and stubborn men, I’ve been in your shoes before and I know how much it sucks…especially when you’ve already placed a bet on NairaBet and the tension is cooking you quickly, not slowly.

Relax my brother. Richee gotcha 😎.

I wish I knew about these sites like 2 years ago, but hey, I’m glad I can help you never to miss a football game ever again.

Best live Streaming Sites for Football

Without #FodaAdu, here they are:

#1. SuperSports

10 Best Live Streaming Sites For Football You Didn't Know About

Where else would you rather stream live football matches online if not on the number one hub of all sports related games in Africa?

The SuperSport official website has a dedicated page that shows live soccer games as they happen.

Watch now.

#2. WatchESPN

Just as the name sounds familiar, this is a site affiliated with Sports site ESPN and sources say this is the live streaming websites of the sport channel.

You can watch anything from EPL to Laliga, Serie A among other top leagues on this website.

Watch now

#3. Ronaldo 7

Unusual name, that’s for sure, but despite ronaldo7.net being a site that publishes news about our favorite footballer of all time, it also has a dedicated page for streaming live football matches.

Watch now

#4. Social442

So do you remember my post about a year back that bordered on some social networking sites in Nigeria that you didn’t know were owned by Nigerians? Well this soccer streaming website is somewhat like that.

Social442 claims to be a football social network that not just connects you to more than 1 million registered football lovers but also provides you with online live matches, chat, stats, and predictions (Here’s a trade secret: A fast rising, 4 year old digital advertising startup in Lagos is actually creating something like this under wraps. Don’t tell them I spilled the beans 😁).

Watch now

#5. VIP Box Sports

best sites for streaming live football

When you visit the website, you’ll notice how absurdly simple and (forgive my bad mouth) badly designed it is. Nevertheless, remind yourself that you did not come there to admire beauty.

There are a dozen small boxes on the home page that lead to live streaming on several other sports. Just choose “Football” from the grid and you’re on your way.

Watch now

#6. CricHD

best sites for streaming live football

(I honestly don’t know where these sites get their names from 🙄). On the home page is displayed a list of live matches you can stream on your laptop or phone.

Simply click the “Watch” button next to the match you’re interested in and you’re good to go.

Just like VIP Box Sports, there are also other options to stream sports other than football (but who cares about all those ones 🤷‍♀️)?

Watch now

Other best football live streaming sites

#7. Live SoccerTV

Watch now

#8. Feed2All

Watch now

#9. Stream2watch

Watch now

#10. BT Sport

Watch now


Now I know it probably seems pointless showing you all the best sites for streaming live football from when all football league matches have been postponed due to the current Coronavirus Pandemic in the world as I write this post.

However, just know that this too shall pass. Stay safe. Over and out.

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