Top Virtual Sports to Bet On Today

Top Virtual Sports to Bet On TodayThe sports betting industry has become a well-loved activity for many sports fans out there. Players have become experts at keeping up with the latest news and using bookmakers like 1xbet Nigeria before placing bets.

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Due to the COVId-19 pandemic, major gaming events like have now been suspended or postponed. The sudden events and changes have caused major drawbacks for many online sports betting companies whose businesses’ primarily relied on live sporting events.

To keep business operations afloat and running, many sports betting companies have made the digital shift—virtual sports. Fortunately, the jump towards virtual games has kept many players entertained while on lockdown.

What are virtual sports?

Thanks to tech advancements, graphics, and gaming software have made virtual sports an enjoyable alternative to live-action sporting events. For those unfamiliar with what virtual sports are, they are computer-simulated sporting events.

Just like sports leagues, these matches are recorded and bet on through an array of online sportsbooks. However, unlike traditional games, virtual sports are available to bet on 24/7. From baseball, football to horse racing, there are various sports players can participate in.

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Top 5 Virtual Sports to Bet On Today

Here are the top 5 virtual sports to bet on today, according to recent tech news.

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Virtual Tennis

First on the lineup is a much-beloved game, tennis—virtual tennis to be exact. This virtual sport has become quite popular among avid players. The difficulty of virtual tennis lies right in the middle of just being challenging enough to keep players entertained.

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However, your overall betting experience is highly dependent on the software your chosen bookies are using. For a smooth and robust experience of virtual tennis, check out various bookmaker websites like Unibet and bet365.

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Virtual Basketball – Top virtual sports to bet on

Throughout the years, virtual basketball games have definitely advanced in terms of graphics and user experience. Despite no being the “real thing”, virtual basketball does the job in filling the absence of canceled games and postponed seasons.

For those waiting for the next NBA season, the NBA Last 90 is a great virtual basketball title worth a try. Just last year, the NBA partnered up with gaming company Highlight Games Limited to produce this awesome title that will keep you entertained.

Virtual Football

One of the most beloved sports in the world, there definitely needs to be a virtual version of football to keep fans satisfied, especially during these trying times.

Thanks to tech advancements, the quality of virtual football titles have come a long way. Leading virtual soccer titles are definitely worth checking out.Players can even bet on virtual football clubs, almost like betting on the Premier League. Football fans out there can definitely get their betting fix with virtual football today.

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Virtual Horse Racing

While virtual horse racing sounds a bit odd for newbies out there, it is the virtual sport that turned virtual sports betting into a lucrative business today. With a ton of betting opportunities available to match a real horse race, horse racing fans are definitely in luck!

Although you won’t be getting the full experience that you would get in a Kentucky Derby, virtual horse racing is a super fun way to keep entertained while at home.

Virtual Car Racing

Like most virtual sports available to bet on today, your virtual car racing experiences depends on the betting site you are playing at. Your options for cars also differ depending on your country.

What’s a great thing about virtual car racing is the number of betting opportunities you can make as compared to other virtual sports. While you can’t follow official titles, drives, or cars in these racing games, the wide betting options make up for it.

A Quick Overview

While most of these virtual sports do not compare to their real-life counterparts, they definitely do the job at keeping players entertained and preoccupied while on social distancing.

The sports betting industry has definitely benefitted a lot from virtual sports, helping them retain their clients despite the cancellation of live sports.

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