How To Start A Tech Blog And Make Money Fast in 2023

In this post i’m going to be showing you exactly how to start a tech blog and make money from it. This post is perfect for beginners who are just stepping into the blogging world and have decided to pursue content creation within the tech blogosphere.

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How to start a Tech blog: My tech blogging story

My name is Richard and I’ve been blogging about technology on Richeetech since January 2018. I certainly didn’t start out blogging about tech though. I had a few failed blogs in other niches before i finally hit home run.

Newbie bloggers make a ton of mistakes when starting out, and it’ mostly down to lack of proper sound information about these things.

In order for you not to make the mistakes i made while starting out, i’m going to be giving you some really vital tips and recommendations that really helped me to get to where i am today.

All you need for how to start a tech blog

#1. For Hosting and Domain name

Use Bluehost

how to start a tech blog

Most of you have already heard about Bluehost web hosting. It’s what i use on this very blog, on my 3 other websites and it has saved me in more ways than i can count.

Like some of you, I’ve been unfortunate to use some terrible hosting companies in the past that totally slowed down my site and messed up my user experience. on top of this, my website would go offline several times in a year. One of them even deleted my entire blog posts – all 105 of them!

But since i switched to Bluehost more than a year ago, my website speed has increased significantly and i can proudly boast of 100% up time. If you don’t know, website speed is one of the most crucial ranking factors of SEO. It doesn’t matter if you use a Caching plugin. If your hosting website speed is terrible, no caching plugin can save you and your SEO will suffer.

That’s why i’m suggesting you use Bluehost for either your new website or your existing one.

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Benefits of Hosting with Bluehost
  1. Very affordable for Newbie bloggers at just $2.75/month (a discount from $7.99/month using this special promo link.)
  2. Very fast server speed which leads to higher rankings on Google search
  3. Great customer support: Chat them up at anytime and you’ll get a reply within less than 3 minutes.
  4. You get a free domain for the first year
  5. Even their cheapest plan can handle up to 50,000 visitors per month
  6. Unlimited bandwidth
  7. They give you free SSL encryption (HTTPS) and much more.

I’m going to even do all my loyal readers one solid. If you choose to host with Bluehost, you can get up to 60% off your first year only if you use this unique link (valid till end of this month only).

Remember, faster website equals better SEO. Save yourself the heart ache of using useless hosting companies. You can thank me later.

Use Bluehost to host your Tech Blog now

#2. For website development

Use WordPress

how to start a tech blog

I use WordPress for this very site and all my other sites, whether i’m creating websites for myself or for clients, it’s the standard. In fact, a very important reason for you to use WordPress that should motivate you is that as at 2020, WordPress is used by 35% of websites in the world! That’s huge!

Every 6 months, there are an estimated 1.1 million new domains registered on the WordPress platform. That shows that a lot of people all over the world are using the platform at an increased rate.

It is by far the most used CMS website software in the world with a market share of 61.8%. The second most popular CMS is Joomla, with 4.7%. You can’t even begin to compare them.

Bonus PROMO: I’ll build a blog for you FREE OF CHARGE

Yes, you read that right! I’m prepared to build a blog for you on the WordPress Platform for 100% free as long as you host your blog with Bluehost using limited my promo link. You also get a 30 day money-back guarantee and up to a 30% discount on your hosting.

How to claim this free blog development

  1. Visit this special promo link to get hosting at $3.95/month (a discount from $7.99/month) from Bluehost (this low price is only through my referral link)
  2. Send a screenshot of your payment for Bluehost hosting to with your phone number so I can call you and get all the necessary details for your blog.

#3. For Website Theme

Use GeneratePress

how to start a tech blog

Not all WordPress themes are made equal. There are some of them that are so heavy (up to 60 MB) that will quadruple your web page size and drastically slow down your website speed. And as we’ve already covered above, a slow website is detrimental to SEO.

Yes, they can be fine o. Very beautifully made themes. But the reason why they are that pretty is because they have extra and extra lines of CSS codes.

And that’s why i recommend you try out GeneratePress.

Benefits of using GeneratePress
  1. It loads lightening fast (the entire theme is less than 30 kB)
  2. GeneratePress is active on over 100,000 sites
  3. The theme is made for performance
  4. Comes with 25+ pre-made demo sites that can help you make your site in one click.
  5. Much more affordable than other themes

Download GeneratePress fast loading Theme

#4. For website Content

Use Fiverr Pro

Fiverr is the largest marketplace to hire freelance services for your tech blog. Using Fiverr Pro, you have the unique opportunity to work with verified, exceptional talent, hand-vetted for stellar quality and service. These are the best freelancers available on the platform.

So whether you need an SEO expert, a Content creator for your blog posts, a graphic designer, a logo designer, or whatever digital service, you can simply find them on Fiverr Pro.

Personally, i use freelancers from this platform outsource my SEO link building and it has been top notch quality month after month.

The reason i recommend Fiverr Pro over the basic Fiverr is that those freelancers in the basic version are largely under-skilled and they are not vetted. For you to get the best quality service, i recommend you use Fiverr Pro.

One great thing i love about this platform is that when you pay for a service, the freelancer doesn’t get the money until you have seen their work and certified that it’s of good quality. This greatly reduces your risk so you only get the best. This feature is only available to those who are using Fiverr Pro however.

Use Fiverr Pro Now

Use Canva

Let’s face the facts. Platforms like Photoshop and Corel Draw are great, but they’re very hard to learn.

Enter Canva –  An extremely easy alternative that you can use via the app on your phone or on their website. Canva platform has over 60 million templates you can use to design absolutely anything.

They have Templates to make anything from posters to Instagram posts, Logos, Facebook posts, YouTube Thumbnail templates, Presentation Templates, Blog Banner Templates, Facebook Cover templates and much much more.

It’s so easy to learn i learnt it in under 3 days!

It’s just perfect to make those custom blog post images for your tech blog, especially if you want your blog to look professional and not have a scattered, unprofessional look that features several images of various sizes.

Since last month started, I’ve been using Canva to create predefined dimensions for the featured images on this blog and i’m delighted to now have a universal featured image size across every post.

Best of all, you get to be able to try it free for 30 days!

Try Canva now free for 30 days

#5. For SEO

Use KWfinder

how to start a tech blog

Most newbie tech bloggers find themselves using Google Keyword Planner to do their Keyword Research. What they don’t know is that while GKP can show you how many searches a Keyword receives, it however can’t show you how competitive it is i.e – how likely are you to rank for a certain keyword.

And the raw truth is that as a newbie tech blogger, the likelihood that your blog can rank for anything is almost absolutely zero. This is because your website is too new to have any Authority to rank for anything.

So if you want to know how to start a tech blog the right way and rank fast on Google search, use KWFinder.

Back in 2018, i was struggling to top 100 organic search visitors a month because i had no idea about this tool. But after my blogging/SEO mentor divulged this secret to me, the very first month i used the SEO tool, my organic search traffic passed the 1,800 mark – in the first month!

Thanks to Kwfinder, i can easily know what blog niches and topics are worth my time and efforts. Don’t waste our efforts writing long posts with keywords you can’t rank for. Use data to your advantage, make informed SEO decisions and compete effectively.

To see Kwfinder in action, enter a keyword you want to rank for in the search bar below.

Try Kwfinder free for 10 days

#6. For Security

Use ExpressVPN

For those of you who are new to learning how to start a tech blog, VPNs are software that enable you to hide your IP Address as well as provide you with a lot of security and privacy when operating your Tech blog on a daily basis.

They allow you online anonymity, encrypt your traffic and enable you bypass any restrictive firewalls set in place by any Internet service Provider.

For example, some ISPs set a bandwidth limit for users of their internet service. Using a good VPN will help you easily bypass this restriction and give you access to higher speeds on the internet.

And with the rise of internet fraudsters and hackers everywhere, you need online protection that will make you unhackable and untrackable.

In my experience, the best VPN for the job hands down right now is ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN removes content download restrictions of video, music and more thereby providing you with unlimited access from anywhere on the planet. It further hides your IP address and encrypts your network data so no one can see what you’re doing online.

One of the best features i enjoy from using ExpressVPN is that one subscription can be used on any of your devices, whether its Andriod, IOS or a PC, so you can carry it and stay secured wherever you go.

Protect your tech blog from hackers and online fraudsters now.

Use ExpressVPN Now

Conclusions on how to start a tech blog

I hope all the above resources greatly aid you in knowing how to become a tech blogger. If you have any questions or opinions about this post, i’m happy to chat with you in the comments section below.

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