RealVest: How To Make 50% ROI With Just N50,000 Investment

RealVest is Here!

On the 1st of November, 2019, one of Nigeria’s foremost real estate companies, Pertinence Limited launched a new investment package, RealVest.


The press conference took place at the company’s headquarters in Egbeda-Akowonjo, Lagos, with reputable media organizations and journalists in attendance.

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RealVest is an initiative which provides flexible, attractive and secured real estate investment with as low as N50, 000.

During the press conference, the Executive Directors of Pertinence Limited, Mr. Olorunsheyi Sunday and Mr. Wisdom Ezekiel asserted that real estate investment has always been an asset class with a high entry barrier and that the goal of RealVest is to make secured returns on real estate investment accessible to everyone.

A lot of people are looking for ways to earn passive income and historically, real estate investment has been proven to be the most beneficial way to do this.

RealVest aims to make this a reality by providing Returns on Investment (ROIs) as high as 50% over a period of 18 months.


This initiative enables users to pool their resources for land and property development by making payments per investment unit via the RealVest website.

When the value of land and property appreciates over the months, they will be sold and the profit shared among all investors.

Investors can choose to purchase more than one investment unit if they have access to more funds. It will be open for two months after which it will be closed to the public.

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Additional benefits include a 5% referral bonus on every investment unit referred and a chance to be a lucky winner of a Hyundai Veloster car, an all-expense-paid trip to Dubai or a 2-Bedroom Duplex in Lekki.

Every investor also gets a free ticket to attend the Wealth Summit 2.0 themed ‘The Real Money of Lagos’.

The Wealth Summit attracts some of the nation’s biggest names in real estate, fashion, entertainment and entrepreneurship for a conference and doubles as a platform to announce the raffle draw winners.

Also speaking on RealVest at the press conference, Jeffrey Ehikioya, the Group General Manager shared that RealVest will be beneficial to people searching for viable, lucrative and stress-free investment options.

He emphasized that Pertinence Limited has built a presence in more than 12 states of the federation, 53 estate locations across the country and a client base of 10000+ in its 7 years of operation.

The company has properties in Lagos, Abuja, Asaba, Owerri, and Ogbomosho among others. Ehikioya further disclosed that the more investment units purchased, the higher an investor’s chances of winning any of the raffle draw prizes.

Want a share of this prosperity? Great!

To register on RealVest, visit .

You really don’t want to miss out on being one of the early birds as 15% of pre-launch slots have already been booked and the units are selling out fast.

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  1. Having done a background research on this company and the ReaVest itself, I already signed up, I made a mistake with my gmail. account and I was told a link has been sent to d mail… can I change the erroneous gmail I inputted into ur system? if yes, how do I do that? Thanks

  2. Awesomeeee! This is a beautiful investment initiative from Pertinence. With Pertinence, it never goes wrong! Done alot of business with them…. Can’t miss 50%ROI!!!

  3. Check on this guys asin the company, this guys have alot to offer to Nigerians…REALESTATE is neva a badt investment, when positioned in the right channel. I like the fact that they are making it Fintech, which makes it easy to operate and everyone can investment as per the 50k/unit market structure. Will make further inquiries

  4. Waoooooo, so interesting, After registering on the platform, i noticed its just 41 days to go, Haaaa, i will not want to miss out, let me quickly click the invest button so as to reap my ROI of 50% in 18 Months…….Realvest all the way

  5. I can’t believe this ……it’s an awesome investment platform, REAL VEST is real, 50% ROI in 18 months, I can’t miss this…….

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