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As a parent, when it comes to your children, you must exercise caution in the digital world we live in today. The reason for this is simple: you want to know what they’re up to online. If I was a parent, I’d sure want to know what sites my kids visit, what files they’re downloading and who they’re talking to online. Some people may call this “Helicopter Parenting”. I don’t care what they call it; my children, my rules, right?

So if you’re a parent reading this and monitoring your kids’ activities on an android or iphone is paramount to you, then you’d love to know about this Phone tracker app (or android if that’s more your forte) that i just recently discovered.

In this review, I’ll be showing you how KidsGuard Pro by ClevGuard can help you track someone’s Phone without them knowing (in this case, your kids).

We have advanced in technology to the point where the internet is subjected to cyberbullying, online assault and many cyber predators. That is why there are monitoring apps that helps detects what your child is up to, and one of the best monitoring app is KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro is a popular monitoring app (or as many will call it a spying app) that helps you keep an eye on your kids and protect them from the dangers of internet predators. KidsGuard Pro is an excellent parental control app and in this article I will help you analyze its features.

How KidsGuard Pro for android works

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Here, we’ll be taking a look at:

  • Its compatibility
  • The pros and cons
  • Benefits
  • Installation and many other detailed information.


Why this app is so useful and helpful is because of the many features is possess, features like;

Monitoring call logs and SMS – the apps helps you to monitor and detect who the target makes calls and texts to. In addition the app helps to record conversions for as long as 20 minutes and saves them as hidden files.

Track social media – with this app you can easily access and monitor the target device activities on social media apps like snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, tinder, viber, telegram, twitter

Lock screen – the app enables you to lock the screen of target’s device

App block – you can easily from anywhere block any app on the target device

Real time GPS – the app provides detailed information on the location of the target through the device

Media files access – through this app you can access the target files, not only will you be able to see photos and videos, but you will also be able to view other media files that has been stored on the target device

Geofence alerts – KidsGuard Pro has made it easy that if you do not want to keep tracking or checking if your kids is still at a location you can receive alerts of when he/she has entered or left the location.

Screenshot and photo capturing – with this feature you will be able to take a screenshot on the target device using the rear camera and you won’t even be detected while doing it.

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KidsGuard Pro is also like all other android apps except that it is a bit different from other android device apps and this is due to its features and functionality. Before you can start accessing the above features you need to install the app on the target device but however the app comes with a feature of being hidden upon installation so you do not need to be worried about the app been detected while running in the background.

Once information has been gathered on the Clevguard server then will you be able to track it on the dashboard on your screen and monitor all of your child’s activity. It should also be noted that in order to start monitoring your child device it is important for you to be registered for a KidsGuard Pro subscription plan for easy access. And you can do that by signing up for a KidsGuard Pro account.


If you own an android phone for this exercise then you are in luck it has a 9/10 compatibility for android, it is even capable of running on an android version 4.0 the KidsGuard Pro also comes in a version that can monitor a computer system. It can be effectively used even without rooting your device.



-It has easy installation process

-it does not consume as much battery

-it has a very strong location tracking capabilities

-has ability to track over 25 apps and features

-it has customer service supports in multiple languages

-it supports android version of 4.0 and above

-it has undetectable service to keep you unnoticed


-it has disorganized social app tracking

-sometimes outdated info

-it has limited remote control functions

-the ios monitoring version is a bit in effective

-no free trial version

-the absence of risk-free demo

-only one device can be monitored at a time

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The benefits of KidsGuard Pro includes:

  • Many paid and free spy apps
  • Very easy to install from anywhere
  • Helps to scan and provide report and content to you after scanning
  • It is very functional
  • It can be hidden an undetectable on the target device
  • It support viewing location history
  • Improved potential analysis speed


Step 1; login to your KidsGuard Pro for android account

Step 2; after purchasing a plan, click on my products and orders management and enter setup guide

Step 3; the setup guide will show and guide you on how to fully install the KidsGuard Pro for android on the target device and also hide the app on the device

Step 4; after you have installed click on verify to start syncing

Step 5; after verifying and syncing, you will be taken to the device monitoring dashboard. Then you can start immediate tracking and monitoring on the target device.


KidsGuard Pro has just three tier payment plan  that depends on the product you want to purchase:

  • The one month subscription plan option costs $23.99
  • The three month subscription plan option costs $39.99 that is $13.33 per month for three month
  • The one year subscription plan option costs $79.99 that is $6.67 per month for one year


Till date KidsGuard Pro for android is one of the very best monitoring app there is. It has the absolute best feature and tool that any guardian or parent will need to be able to access their child’s phone easily and remotely. Not only will you be able to protect and keep an eye and monitor your loved one’s safety from online predators, but you also get to track their exact location.

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