50 Trusted Websites Like 123movies That You Need To See

In this post, i’m going to be showing you as much as 50 trusted sites and websites like 123movies (123movies.com alternatives) where you can also download latest movies from.

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123movies.com official site & New site name

A lot of you have been disturbing Google for the new site name and the official site of 123movies. Well i’m sorry to disappoint you but there isn’t one.

Since the original site shutdown probably as a result of a series of suits and counter law suits due to its publication of illegally distributed movie content (that you all are eager to download for free), there have sprung up several copycat sites that have domain names that look just like the original site did.

But don’t be fooled. there is no new site or official site for 123movies. All that avail now are many alternatives which you can choose from.

And that’s exactly what this post is all about.

123movies App Download for PC & Mobile

123movies App

Also, if you though you could download the 123movies app on account that you couldn’t find the official website, know this: there is no official app to download.

Forget this picture you’re seeing above on the Apple App Store. Once you read the comments section, you’d see that just like the many knockoffs and clones of 123movies, this app is also nothing but a dud.

A lot of really pissed off people have expressed irritation at the app. I wonder why Apple hasn’t taken it down all this while.

Websites & sites like 123movies

Listed below are a number of sites like 123movies from which you can easily download free hollywood movies in HD, MP4 and with subtitles if you so desire.

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These 5 Sites Let You Download Latest Hollywood Movies For Free

I just discovered these guys recently by way of their Telegram Group where they constantly drop links to their latest American films. It’s through there i was able to trace their exact official website.

I just want to say this for the record: i think the UI/UX of their website is plain terrible. But thankfully, if you’re not a design freak, you shouldn’t notice anything out of place.

For some twisted reason i don’t yet know, it’s not possible to find free Hollywood films to download straight from their site menu, however, you need not go far because all the latest releases can be found on the homepage.


  1. Work It
  2. Berlin, Berlin: Lolle on the Run
  3. Nuclear
  4. I am Vengeance: Retailiation
  5. Black Water Abyss
  6. The Tax Collector
  7. The Secret Garden
  8. I Used to go Here
  9. Paydirt
  10. Perfect 10
  11. how to Fake a War
  12. Unbelievable!!!!!!!
  13. Spinster
  14. The Mummy Rebirth
  15. Waiting for the Barbarians
  16. Made in Italy
  17. An American Pickle
  18. She Dies Tomorrow
  19. Nicole
  20. Shifter


websites like 123movies

When it comes down to it, FZmovies is definitely my favorite of the bunch. It’s easily the best of this list of websites like 123movies hands down.

They call themselves “the largest collection of movies on the internet” (Geez, I wonder what Netflix has to say).

Straight up on their Homepage, scroll down and you will see a classification of movies divided into 3 categories namely, Bollywood Movies, Hollywood Movies and Hollywood Dubbed Movies. Our focus for this post is on the third category.

However, if you need to find what you’re looking for even quicker, no need to scroll down. Just go to their search bar on the top of the homepage.

websites like 123movies

You’ll see that you can search by Name of Movie, Director or Star Cast. Set this on “Name of movie”.

Below it you will see the 3 movie categories they offer. Select “H’Wood” and then click the green search button. Now you can see a list of free Hollywood movies to download.

Personally, the best way i search for movies on FZmovies.net is by going to Google search and typing “FZmovies 2020” or any year in which i want to watch movies from.

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    1. Streets of Syndicate
    2. G Loc
    3. Emperor
    4. How to Fake a War
    5. The Tax Collector
    6. The Secret Garden
    7. Black Water Abyss
    8. Made in Italy
    9. I Used to go Here
    10. Perfect 10
    11. Spinster
    12. Waiting for the Barbarians
    13. Work It
    14. An American Pickle
    15. Aliens Stole my Body
    16. The Discarded
    17. The Last Conception
    18. Gripped Climbing The Killer Pillar
    19. Paydirt


Nkiri is a simple looking site, thankfully with far minimal popup ads unlike its predecessors. In addition to the pages and pages of Hollywood films it boasts of, you can also find a nice collection of Korean and African movies in there.

I guess you could say what i however didn’t like about the site is its American movies are not categorized by year. It’s all jumbled up together in order of upload date meaning that you can find a recent movie like The Tax Collector, and following it is a 2001 movie like Rush Hour 2.

That’s just terrible, guys. And that’s what happens when you use a blog website theme instead of a movie website theme for a movie type website.

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  1. LampLife
  2. Crshd
  3. Ghosts of War
  4. Unbelievable!!!!!!!
  5. Spinster
  6. The Mummy Rebirth
  7. Waiting for the Barbarians
  8. Made in Italy
  9. An American Pickle
  10. She Dies Tomorrow
  11. I Used to go Here
  12. Paydirt
  13. Perfect 10
  14. How to Fake a War

#5. iFlix – websites like 123movies

What i can say i love most about iFlix is the fact that it didn’t launch to directly compete with the likes of Netflix and the likes.

Instead, it carved a niche for itself in the emerging markets an predominantly shows movies revolving around Telenovelas, Korean, Phillipian, Chinese etc (you know, all those types of movies your girlfriend and her friends would love to watch).

Sadly, if you’re based in Nigeria and a few other African countries i don’t yet know, then iFlix is probably not yet available for your country.

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  1. Hit & Run
  2. KL Special Forces
  3. Veeram
  4. The Great Lion
  5. Blonde and Blonder
  6. Run
  7. Death Trip
  8. For All Eternity
  9. Pretty Ghost
  10. She Made Them Do It
  11. Mystified
  12. Magic Kingdom
  13. Booba
  14. This Time
  15. Ouija
  16. In Your Eyes
  17. The Witches of Dumpling Farm
  18. Wheely
  19. The Legendary Lacky
  20. The Taste of Curry

#6. Showbox – sites like 123movies

Showbox gets version 5.35 update with new features [2020 APK Download]

While it was yet in the land of the living, Showbox was a very popular site like 123movies (yes, it got shutdown due to lots of litigation. I suspect it had to do with making available for download, movies without proper copyright and the production houses didn’t like this very much.

So right now, if you search Google for “Showbox”, you might see a bunch of websites all claiming to be the official Showbox app or website but its all a ruse. They’re all just copycats who sprang up in the wake of the demise of the original website.

Now over to you

Which of the websites like 123movies did you like? Is there any site like 123movies that you know we don’t have here? Let us know in the comments below.

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