6 Apps To Convert PDF On Smartphones & Tablets

People are rapidly shifting towards smartphones and tablets.

The reason behind this revolution is that smartphones are more portable and easier to handle when compared to other electronic devices.

You can indeed manage all kinds of files on your smartphones and tablets, but for that, you need tons of reading and editing apps for each format.

This would fill up your smartphone storage and would also increase your workload. To keep things simple, we would suggest you convert every file to pdf.

In this way, you can easily keep all your work in one place and in the safest format.

There are plenty of tools and applications that can help you with pdf conversion, but for your ease, we have collected information about the top converting apps available on the play store and App store of apple devices!

PDF to Word Converter Free – PDF Converter to JPG

If you want to change all sorts of file formats to pdf for free and without any hassle, then you should use this free pdf converter application.

This is a very handy pdf converter app that can help you create as many files as you want to on your smartphones. You can easily get this application from the respective Play store of your device after installation.

All you need to do is upload the files in the designated insertion sections.
This free pdf file converter application is best because it can change the following formats to pdf in less than seconds:

  • Word to PDF
  • Image to PDF and vice versa
  • PPT to PDF
  • PDF to Zip
  • Word to Zip
  • Image to Zip
  • PPT to Zip
  • Text to PDF
  • Excel to PDF

Along with the conversion options, you can also enjoy using online tools using which you can lock pdf, unlock pdf, split, merge, and even rotate these files.

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You can also edit the files like a pro with this application.

#1. Able2Extract PDF Converter

This is another PDF conversion service that can be used on all sorts of smartphones and tablets. May they have android/iOS operating systems.

With this application, you can easily convert all sorts of formats to pdf. The most common conversions you can make with this application are word to pdf and vice versa, PPT to pdf and vice versa, and excel to pdf.

You can make an accurate conversion in less than ten seconds with this tool. The best thing about this free pdf converter is that it keeps intact the files’ quality and styles in the process of conversion.

The converted files are automatically saved in your storage.

#2. File converter

You can easily download this application on your smartphone or tablet and can enjoy hassle-free conversions.

You must know that this application is known to be one of the securest mediums of conversion, and this is only because the application does not save your input files in its interface. Rather it deletes all the content and cache data after conversion of the files.

The app supports’ file formats would include video, audio, ebook, and all other format formats and archives. The file converter can easily cater to the conversion of more than 100 different formats. It is best for both android and iOS devices.

#3. PDF Converter

This pdf converter application is one of the best apps for iPad. This application can easily convert all sorts of office format files on your iPad and cater to your work.

If you want to convert web pages, images, SMS, and contacts to pdf, you can also help from this free pdf converter application. Besides the conversion options, you can also use this application to annotate, organize and share pdf files.

The only con of this pdf converter is that it can be used only on iOS devices!

#4. Doc scan

This is another online application that can convert all sorts of files to pdf on your phones and tablets.

The scanning feature of this converter can also help you convert your hard copy docs to scanned pdf and save them in your local storage.

The pdf files created by this application are famous because of their high quality and perfect format. It is amazingly easy to use and has endless features which would make you a fan of it.

#5. Doc to PDF

This application is specifically designed for android devices. You can easily convert doc, docx, Xls, xlsx, and RTF to pdf with this android application.

You can also share the converted pdf files via email or your phone’s Bluetooth with your clients. This application also has an exceptionally reliable built-in pdf viewer that can help you view and check the converted docs.

#6. Office suite

This is another application that you can get on for your android devices. The office converter can easily change every office file to pdf and vice versa.

This is a very easy-to-use application, and you can enjoy many features with it once you download it on your device!
For more information about free pdf converter tools, we would suggest you hook up with us!

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