Lenovo Laptop Touch Screen Not Working? Do This

Is your Lenovo laptop touch screen not working? Try these recommendations and we promise your problem will be solved.

Before looking into other options, it’s best to rule out peripherals that aren’t compatible.
It is also suggested that you use the built-in troubleshooter and the most recent Windows updates.

How to fix Lenovo touch screen not working with Restoro PC Repair Tool

  1. Download the Patented Technologies Restoro PC Repair Tool.
  2. Find Windows issues that may be causing PC issues by clicking Start Scan.
  3. To fix issues affecting your computer’s security and performance, click Repair All.

Windows 10 is enhanced for touchscreen gadgets, however couple of clients dislike Lenovo touchscreen screens. However, if the touchscreen on your Lenovo laptop is not working, you might want to look into a few of these solutions.

If you have a touchscreen monitor, sometimes using it is probably much simpler and faster than using a keyboard and mouse. Problems with the Lenovo touch screen can arise, and occasionally the touchscreen monitor will not function properly for some reason.

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Why did my Lenovo laptop’s touch screen stop working?

This problem is not limited to ThinkPads. Problems with the touchscreen on the Lenovo Yoga range from 530 to 720 and include everything in between. However, the following are some typical reasons:

  1. Drivers are what connect hardware and software and can be broken, out-of-date, or bad. This screen issue may occur if it is defective.
  2. Peripherals for the computer: In some instances, devices that are connected to the computer may cause the issue, so they should be removed.
  3. Bad hardware: The possibility that the screen has been damaged and needs to be replaced is another reality.

The Lenovo Flex 5 touchscreen driver did not function as intended, according to numerous complaints. Sadly, the touch screen that doesn’t respond makes it impossible to use even the light Lenovo IdeaPad.

Luckily, our answers have an expansive range, and you can undoubtedly see as the right one here. Therefore, let’s investigate how we can rebalance the touch screen to your advantage once more.

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How can I fix a Lenovo laptop’s touch screen?

Make sure to disconnect any peripherals before beginning any of these fixes because they could cause issues with the touch screen. Additionally, restart the device prior to beginning the fixes.
Install the most recent Windows updates, disable and re-enable the HID-compliant touchscreen, run an SFC scan, rollback drivers, and use the Hardware troubleshooter.

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Disable and re-enable the HID-compliant touchscreen by selecting Device Manager from the right-click menu on the Start menu.

Go to the Human Interface Devices section, locate a touch screen that is HID-compliant, right-click it, and select Disable device. If you are asked whether you are certain you want to disable it, click Yes.

Find a touch screen that is compatible with HID, expand the Human Interface Devices section, right-click on it, and select Enable device.

If your Lenovo touch screen was not working formerly, your touchscreen device should now function properly.

Debilitating your touch screen in Windows 10 merits a shot since you can rapidly re-empower it without making super durable changes your framework.

To perform an SFC scan, navigate to the Start menu, type command, right-click the Command Prompt, and select Run as administrator.

Enter the text in the box below.
sfc /scannow Restart your computer after the scanning process has finished. On reboot, all corrupted files will be replaced.

The majority of issues are found by the SFC scan, but if you require additional assistance, we recommend using Windows 10 registry cleaner software. Because they automate the process, they are better able to spot errors.

You can on the other hand utilize Restoro, an expert fixing device that will examine and fix defiled documents from your PC shortly.

Because it fixes all errors in a single scan, this optimizing software will make your computer run faster. There is no hope for corrupt Windows files, registry errors, or junk files.
As a result, you can quickly and easily resolve most laptop errors with this automated alternative.

Make use of the following keyboard shortcut to install the most recent Windows updates: To open Windows Settings, press Windows + I.

Click on Update and Security.
The computer will look for updates, and if any are found, you can apply them.

Select Device Manager by right-clicking Start and choosing Rollback Drivers to Expand the List of Human Interface Devices, Right-Click on the HID-Compatible Touch Screen and Select Properties.
Go to the Driver tab and, if it is not grayed out, click the Roll back Driver button.

Another option is to utilize software that is specifically designed to update drivers. DriverFix has been demonstrated to be completely error-free and simple to use, so we recommend it.
Learn more about Windows 11’s touchscreen not working 5+ Lenovo deals to buy HID-compliant touch screen driver is grayed out.

Start the Hardware troubleshooter by going to Windows search, entering control, and choosing Control Panel. Select Large icons by clicking the drop-down arrow in the View by option in the upper right corner.

Click the View all option in the left pane after selecting Troubleshooting.

Click Next after selecting Devices and Hardware.


We sincerely hope that our solutions were useful to you and that you have been able to resolve any touchscreen issues with your Lenovo touchscreen monitor. If after all this your Lenovo laptop touch screen is still not working, please don’t hesitate to ask any additional questions in the comments section below.

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