How To Check Warranty For Dell Laptop In 6 Stupidly Easy Steps

Do you know how to check the Warranty for your Dell Laptop computer?

Nowadays, laptops are very important in our lives especially if you are a worker or a student. It helps to get work done easily and efficiently. Dell is one of the best laptop brands. It is popular and durable. In fact, I’m using a Dell XPS to write this post.

I’m sure you have lots of questions regarding if the Dell laptop comes with a warranty and if it does, how do you check and claim it? Not to worry, this article contains the answers.

Dell is an American technology company that develops, repairs, supports, and sells computers and other related products and services. It is owned by its parent company, Dell Technologies. They sell PCs, network switches, servers, data storage devices, printers, cameras, software, and more. Dell is a reputable brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How Long Is Dell Laptop Warranty Valid?

The Dell laptop warranty is valid for one year. For example, if your laptop experiences any hardware issue, it can be repaired or replaced for free through a Dell laptop warranty.

Q2. What Should You Do if Your Dell Laptop Warranty Has Expired?

If your Dell laptop’s warranty has expired, you can extend the warranty period by buying extended warranty plans from a reseller or getting it directly from Dell. These plans cover the malfunctions that are typically covered by the Dell laptop standard warranty. Whether it is a software issue or a hardware issue, it will be repaired.

How to check for Dell laptop Warranty

Before you start checking for a Dell laptop warranty, you need to know your serial number because it will be needed especially when checking it online.

First, you can easily check your Dell laptop’s warranty by checking your receipt which carries the purchase date of your laptop. This will help you know if you are still under the warranty period. If you can’t remember the date of purchase or you have lost your receipt?

Don’t worry, you can also check for your laptop’s warranty online. Follow the steps below:

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  • Go to the Dell website.
  • Click on the Options icon, then select Support.
  • Click on Warranty and Contracts.
  • Type in the Dell service tag or Dell EMC product ID (it is located at the back or bottom of your Dell laptop) into the text field. Click on Search.
  • Then, you will find the warranty status of your Dell device.
  • Identify your laptop to see your warranty status and coverage options.

Check the back of your Dell laptop or open the battery to see it printed inside or check your bios settings for the service tag. You can connect the Dell website to auto-detect to look for your system warranty information. You can also download the Dell SupportAssist app, it will help to identify your PC automatically from the Dell support page.

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How To Claim Your Dell Laptop Warranty

To claim your Dell laptop’s warranty, you have to contact the company’s customer support either by filling out their online form or by calling.

#1. Through an online form.

  • Go to Dell Support Page.
  • Identify your Dell product.
  • Indicate what issues your laptop has.
  • Then, click on Create Service Request.
    Enter the details in the required fields.

#2. Over the phone

You can reach out to a Dell service agent over the phone for help to claim your Dell laptop warranty.

  • Call Dell customer support at 1-800-433-2392.
  • Explain to the agent about your laptop’s warranty you want to claim.
  • You may be asked for some required information and then, follow the instructions that the agent provides.

What Does Dell Laptop Warranty Cover?

The warranty covers:

1. Issues as a result of manufacturing defects.

2. Laptop damage due to shipping.

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What Dell Laptop Warranty Does Not Cover

Dell laptop warranty does not cover:

1. Laptop damage as a result of servicing not authorized by Dell.

2. Laptop damage due to external causes like misuse, accidents, liquid damage (water spill or coffee split), or electrical power problems.

3. Hardware and software damage by using components not provided by Dell.

4. Laptop Breakage and theft (These would be covered by an insurance policy).


I hope this post was helpful and you have been able to learn how to check your Dell laptop warranty.

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