Glo Customer Care Number, Short Code, Live chat, Email.

A lot of Nigerians have been searching Google for the Glo customer care number or customer care line, short code, service code, Email, whatsapp number, live chat and Glo customer care centers in Lagos.

Due to the high volume of this inquiry, we decided to write this article to ‘fulfill your searchers intent’ as my favorite SEO person would put it.

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First and foremost, I’m not a Glo subscriber (MTN for life!). I tried their services back in 2017 during my NYSC and it was downright crap. I had the saying back then that Glo is like the Devil. They give you plenty data in one hand and with the other, they give you useless network (many of you reading this post understand this scenario all too well).

Anyway, we’ll dissect this post sub topic by sub topic just like always.

Glo customer care number (line) and Whatsapp number

Glo Customer Care Number, Short Code, Live chat, Email.

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The Glo customer care number and whatsapp number to call for assistance are as follows:

  • Dial 121 or 200 if you are calling directly from a Glo line.
  • Dial 08050020121 or 08050020200 if you are calling from another network in Nigeria.
  • Dial +2348050020121 or +2348050020200 if you are calling from outside Nigeria.

Contact by Glo by Email

Some Nigerians (i wouldn’t want to say old fashioned) would rather just reach the Glo customer representative by email. Maybe this set of people consist of those in White Collar jobs who have become so used to communicating by email.

If you’re wired that way, please help yourself. The email address is or Once you send a mail stating your issues, a customer service representative will reply you in no time.

Glo customer care service code and short code

If perhaps you’re stuck with a Feature phone that cannot connect to the internet (which almost sounds absurd in this day and age), or you just prefer USSD transactions, the service code and short code to disturb are 121 and 200.

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For other inquiries you may need to make, whether its recharging your Glo line or buying data, here are other Glo service and short codes you can easily dial:

Short code/service code Function
*134*xxx xxxx xxx# Top up
*124# Check credit balance
*1244# Find out your Glo number
*124*1# Check bonus data balance
*543# Buy airtime and data
*5321# Borrow airtime
*555# Buy data plans

Glo Live chat

How do you talk with a Glo customer representative online via their live chat feature?

Simply visit the Glo Nigeria website and click on the floating chat button (usually located at the bottom right corner of the screen), input your name and message and a customer care rep will reply you shortly.

Glo customer care office, centers in Lagos and Nigeria

In the table listed on the official Glo website details all the Glo customer care offices and centers in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria. In case you need to walk in to make a complaint or inquiry, feel free to check the list and find the Glo shop nearest to you.

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How to change Glo customer care language between English, Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba.

Glo Customer Care Number, Short Code, Live chat, Email.

Sometime ago, Glo introduced the option to contact their customer care lines using our 3 most popular native dialects. However, a few Nigerians have expressed difficulties in getting the default language preset to switch to the actual one they want.

To change your Glo customer care language between English, Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba, simply visit the Gloworld Facebook page and log your complaint via this link. A representative will communicate with you to solve all your problems just as in the image above.

I think i have now more than fully satisfied any search inquiry you may have about this matter. However, if still have any questions, opinions or suggestions, kindly comment below.

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  1. I can’t use this no 08055089460 to call 08154685712 , 07060498361keep telling me no busy why

  2. this is pure fraud you have collected my money from the card i bought to recharge i could not load it since two months and i have paid transport twice to gloworld and notin was done

  3. Pls i mistakely sratch a card spoil i want you to resolve it for me, , , the serial number is 950998001327824

  4. Good evening sir, my name is Prince Jehu Eziefula. Am one of your customer,please i need your assistance on Data Bundle VTU(Glo). Agent Oluchi111pos(040328) i need your help to my data bundle from 07016170635 to my real Glo number 08076848884. Allowance 10G for #3,000 for 30 day. TICKET No 90678450 Date 22/01/2021 Time 11:21.

  5. My line has been deactivated because I traveled to the Village where there is no network. How can I activate it now that I’m back to town.

  6. I mistakenly transfer card through my mobile app to another number i wanted to put 08158906655 i now put 08058906655 please help me

  7. Please, on last week Saturday I do a transfer of #20,000 from my bank account to my wife bank account to pay my children school fee and the transition turn to credit of card pls and pls help me make the credit it back to my bank account PLEASE.

  8. Good afternoon, pls I mistakenly gifed #1500 data to a strange no, which 08058550444 instead of my own 08058550443. Thanks. Pls I would want a quick response to my request. God bless you.

  9. Greetings, pls I mistakely transfer #5000 instead of 500 to 08076525451. With ref ID NUMBER a37140B30Ea465…. Today but 10:39. Pls return some to my account. Uba account number 2042642082. Name obiora john. Thanks

  10. On the 9th of April I wanted to make a transfer of 10000 to someone but I mistakenly used it to recharge my phone I called glo customer care they told me to wait for sometime after sometime I call glo customer care again and they told me to contact my bank which I did,my bank told me to wait for them to work on it but after waiting for some few weeks I didn’t get a reply so I called my bank again and I was told that the card has been removed from my phone by glo so I should contact glo,so I call glo customer care again and they told me to lay a complain here

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