Learn How To Be A Yahoo Boy In Just 7 Minutes (2020)

Learn how to be a yahoo boy

Learn How To Be A Yahoo Boy In Just 7 Minutes (2020)

So you want to learn how to be a Yahoo Boy in 2020. As it turns out, we have exactly what you need right here.

Learn How To Be A Yahoo Boy
Learn How To Be A Yahoo Boy

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But before we venture any further, here is a nice little Disclaimer for all our curious readers:

Disclaimer: Regardless of this very post, Richeetech DOES NOT support internet fraud (otherwise known as Yahoo Yahoo). This post was written purely for the basis of driving traffic to this website because a lot of Nigerians search Google for this information. 

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Please do not contact Richeetech to learn or inquire about Yahoo Yahoo. We are a legitimate technology news blog and will block and report at once any who contact us for such fraudulent inquiries.

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links at no cost to you. I have used all of the products listed below and recommend them because they are helpful and are companies that I trust.

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Learn how to be a Yahoo boy in 2019 (Updated guide)

Learn How To Be A Yahoo Boy

A few days ago, I was just exclaiming to my work colleagues the number of searches for keywords relating to how to start a Yahoo Boy career in Nigeria and it was astounding. Here is an example of what i mean:

Keywords (Avg. searches per month)

1. “Learn how to be a Yahoo Boy” (4,000 avg. searches per month)

2. Yahoo boy orientation (1,000 avg. searches per month)

3. How to start a Yahoo boy career (1,000 avg. searches per month)

4. How to become a successful yahoo boy in Nigeria

5. Latest Yahoo Boy formats 2018, 2019

6. How to do yahoo on facebook

7. Yahoo boy website

8. Download yahoo boy app

9. Yahoo boy names

10. Cloning app for yahoo

11. Yahoo boy whatsapp group

How to start a successful Yahoo boy career in Nigeria (2019)

Learn How To Be A Yahoo Boy

Every profession needs it’s tools, just like every Yahoo boy needs theirs in order to start a successful Yahoo boy career. Below are the major tools you’ll require in your quest to unlimited wealth:

1. A Laptop: The “industry professionals” in the business recommend you start out with any Laptop you so desire…as long as it’s an Apple Mac book ?. The logic is quite simple: In this trade you need security, and what other computer holds security in such high esteem other than a Mac book?

2. Get a steady internet connection: You’re going to literally have to live online so this is a no brainer.

3. Get a VPN: In short,  VPNs help add an additional and much needed layer of security over your online affairs and help you do fancy stuff like hide your IP address. The best VPN to use and the one used by all the top Yahoo boys in Nigeria is ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN hides your IP address and encrypts your network data so no one can see what you’re doing. One click, and you’re protected. No one will be able to catch you and that is guaranteed!

Try ExpressVPN now

4. Get a foreign phone number: When communicating with your intended “Maga”, I imagine you don’t want to be caught dead using a +234 line and instantly give out your real location. Thanks to you guys, Nigeria already has a notorious record for these sort of things. You’ll just blow your cover.

Yahoo boy orientation and formats in 2020.

Learn How To Be A Yahoo Boy

Now you know what you need to learn how to be a Yahoo Boy. Next, you’ll have to know the various Yahoo boy formats to use to sway your Maga in our fool proof Yahoo boy orientation article. Read on carefully.

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First of all, before any body will even think of sending you dollars, they must already trust you to a large extent.

I guess for the ones that use the dating yahoo format, it makes sense that if you can get them to fall in love with you, its easier to get them to part with the dollars. Either way, here are a few foolproof Yahoo Boy formats that are guaranteed to work like magic:

1. You got robbed and do not know where you are and your credit card and other important stuff are missing so you need assistance immediately.

2. The doctor needs to perform an urgent surgery on you; however, you don’t have enough money to deposit for the hospital bills and as a result of that, you are in need of urgent assistance from him or her as soon as possible. In fact, your life depends on it.

3. Buy email address in bulk of tons of people foreign and local, and send them emails telling them they’ve won the lottery, a jackpot or anything that can get their attention.

This Yahoo Boy format works because human beings naturally have a greed problem (you for example ☺) that can potentially easily put them in your net.

4. Here, you’ll try to get your potential Maga to reveal certain details about their ATM card, and with such details it’s easy to wire their money from their account to your own account when you know how to (don’t ask me. I’m not a Yahoo Boy ?).

However please note, this particular format is for the professionals only. The likelihood of getting caught is way way higher than any other format mentioned above  (but it’s also the one with the most earnings).

Yahoo boy websites

Talking about the websites yahoo boys use to do business, we all know that dating social sites are probably the most famous of them all. You have Tinder coming out as possibly the most popular of the bunch.

Others include Twitter, 2go (oh yes! Back in 2011, I had a few girls try to scam me of airtime over there ?), Facebook (that’s why Nigerians have been searching for how to do yahoo on facebook. Because it works.) and lastly, Instagram.

Another wonderful option is to get your own Yahoo boy website from where you can work from. You can even set it up to look like a foreign website so it’s not evident it was made by a Nigerian.

To get your own Yahoo boy website from Bluehost for 60% off (limited offer) use this link. (hurry and get your own Yahoo boy website by hosting using that link before the price doubles by this month end)

That is what i use for this site myself so i recommend it 100%.

Yahoo boys Whatsapp Group

There’s only one Whatsapp group for Yahoo boys i can recommend for you and it’s geared towards teaching all Yahoo aspirants how to make money online the LEGAL way.


So now, in your quest to learn how to be a yahoo boy, you’ve learnt all the latest Yahoo Boy formats 2018 and 2019 have to offer, the Yahoo Boy orientation as well as a few others. Now it’s also important you know what is required of a typical Yahoo Boy In Nigeria.

Learn How To Be A Yahoo Boy

There are certain levels of expectations that come with the title which show you’ve finally arrived. Anything short of that will make your peers in the game keep on oppressing you. Here is the 5 item checklist of a Yahoo boy:

1. Own an IPhone X and above (Never have I seen a Yahoo boy hold any other phone but an iPhone. It’s almost as if it was made for them. So if you truly want to learn how to be a Yahoo Boy, go buy one. You don’t have to like it.)

2. Rock thick gold jewellery

3. Flaunt the money on Instagram

4. Lead a “bottle popping lifestyle”

5. Ride a black Mercedes-Benz (I don’t know what it is with Yahoo boys and Benz)

Our Yahoo boy orientation is over. Now go out and goodluck not getting caught by the EFCC. ? (speaking of which, they always usually eventually most certainly catch them).

Learn How To Be A Yahoo Boy
Learn How To Be A Yahoo Boy

Happy hunting boys ?

Pay Attention:

Disclaimer: Regardless of this very post, Richeetech DOES NOT support internet fraud (otherwise known as Yahoo Yahoo). This post was written purely for the basis of driving traffic to this website because a lot of Nigerians search Google for this information. 

Please do not contact Richeetech to learn or inquire about Yahoo Yahoo. We are a legitimate technology news blog and will block and report at once any who contact us for such fraudulent inquiries.

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