LG TV Warranty Check: Everything You Need To Know

Are you trying to check your LG TV warranty? Do you have an LG TV or have you just bought one but you don’t know if it comes with a warranty? Don’t worry, this article will help you know how to check your LG TV warranty.

LG is a South Korean multinational conglomerate corporation. It manufactures telecommunications products, home and entertainment appliances, chemicals, and business solutions. LG gives free repair services to its products within the warranty period.

You just have to go to an LG authorized service center. LG sets different warranty periods for its different products.

What Is An LG TV Warranty?

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A warranty is a written agreement provided to someone who buys a product, stating that the manufacturer will refund, replace or repair the product if it damages within a certain time but there are terms and conditions to this. The warranty carries its terms and conditions, duration, and manufacturer’s promise.

LG Electronics offers a warranty on all their devices including the LG TV. However, the LG TV warranty becomes invalid if the TV got damaged out of negligence or any other cause contrary to the terms and conditions of use.

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How long is the warranty on an LG TV?

LG TV warranties are categorized according to their validity period. The warranty duration of an appliance depends on some factors, like the worth of the appliance, the lifespan of the appliance, or the warranty type.

However, LG TV warranties usually range from one to two years depending on the model and cost. During this period, you can get free repair services and replacements.

What Type Of Warranty Do LG TVs Have?

LG TV has a limited type of warranty. During the warranty period of the TV, LG will repair your TV if it gets damaged when used normally as prescribed within the license agreement.

How do I check my LG TV warranty?

If you don’t know where you kept your purchase documents or you can’t remember the warranty period stated, there is a way you can check if your LG TV warranty is valid.

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Go to the official LG warranty page by clicking this page. Type in the valid TV serial number on the input bar and then search.

To check the general information on LG product warranties, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit the LG website.
  • Go to Product Support.
  • Go to the Warranty information.
  • Type the model number.
  • Select the model from the list seen.
  • Scroll down, choose the appropriate product category, select the product model, and you will get information about the warranty period.

Use Your MyLG Account

If you created a MyLG account and registered your LG TV after purchasing it, you can get more details about the warranty period for your LG TV. You can gain access to your account by logging in with your email address and password. When you log in, you will see your registered LG TV, then you can check if the warranty is still valid.

Warranty Contact Point

If within the warranty period, your LG product gets damaged in normal use, you can go to any LG electronics authorized service center or distributors in your area or country where you have purchased the product from. For more details concerning the authorized service center, check the Customer Service contact point on the warranty card.

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How To Claim Your LG TV Warranty?

LG TV Warranty Check

You can claim your LG TV warranty without going physically going to any LG authorized service center.

#1. Use your phone

Follow these steps to claim the LG TV warranty over the phone;

  • Call (800) 243-0000
  • When an LG representative picks up, explain to him/her about your warranty claim
  • Give your LG TV details when asked, it will be needed for processing.

#2. Email LG

You can also claim your LG TV warranty by emailing LG through their email form page.

  • Click this link to gain access to the LG email form page.
  • Enter your details as required.
  • Take photos of the faulty TV and attach them.
  • Then click submit.

#3. Claim LG warranty online

Another way to claim your LG warranty is by going to the LG website.

  • Visit the LG website.
  • Click on Product Support.
  • Then, click on Request a repair.
  • Click on Start a service request
  • Sign in or proceed as a guest.
  • Enter the model number of the device or search by product category.
  • Put in the serial number or IMEI/MEID and purchase date.
  • Type in the product issue and your contact details.
  • Then, click submit to send the request.

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#4. Chatbox

When you scroll down on the LG support page, you will see a chat icon. Click on it, to chat with an LG representative.

#5. Show warranty proof

The purchase invoice or receipt showing the date you bought the product is proof of purchase. You might be asked to provide proof of the date of purchase or ownership, just show your receipt. LG has the right to decline warranty service if you can’t provide this information or you modified it after you purchased the product.


I hope this post was helpful and you have been able to learn how to check your LG TV warranty. Note that the warranty service is free of charge, as long as you meet the terms and conditions and it is within the warranty period.

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