iPad Microphone Not Working [Problem Solved!]

iPad Microphone not working is a common problem among iPad users but it’s not hard to fix. In this blog post I will be giving step by step procedures of solving the problem of microphone not working on your iPad, regardless of what model it is.

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Before we proceed, it is paramount to know where the microphone problem lies. To do this, we have to perform an iPad microphone test. Here’s how to go about this:

  1. Select video mode when you launch the Camera app.
  2. Make sure you’re using the iPad’s back camera when you record.
  3. Make a short video and say something.
  4. Next, record another video using the front iPad camera. Ensure that you speak clearly.
  5. Play these recorded videos now; if you hear the audio, your device does not have a hardware issue.

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How to fix iPad Microphone not working

iPad Microphone not working
Image Credit: Apple.com

Step #1: Restart your iPad

The microphone might have temporarily stopped working, if you’ve not restarted your device for a long time. To fix this, long press the power button an Volume button at the same time, then you’ll either choose the power off button displayed or the restart button.

If you choose the restart button, when your phone is back on check if the microphone is working.

Step #2: Check app’s microphone permission

As a privacy measure, never allow unnecessary apps to have access to your iPad microphone. If you have denied an app access when asked but want to access the app feature now then follow this steps:

  1. Open iPad Settings and tap Privacy.
  2. Tap Microphone.
  3. Enable the switch next to the concerned app name.

Step #3: Update your iPad

From time to time your device releases latest version of your iPad which requires a system update, this ensures proper working of your device. To update or check if there is a system update, follow this steps :

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap General and then software update.

Step #4: Reset all Settings

This method is very easy to accomplish. This might not delete any personal stuff like images, videos and other media, but to be on the safe side I’ll recommend you should have already backed up your images, videos, documents, data etc.

To do this please follow this steps:

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  1. Open iPad Settings
  2. Go to general
  3. Tap on reset
  4. Then, tap on reset all settings

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Step #5: Remove iPad case

Even though all iPad cases are the same, it’s not all cases that are meant for some iPad’s, because iPad’s come in different models. So what you’d have to do is to closely inspect the iPad case you are using to ensure that the case is not blocking the microphone holes. You can remove the case to be sure if the microphone is working or not.

Step #6: Disconnect Bluetooth devices

It’s possible that your headphones, earpiece or your Bluetooth devices are connected to your iPad. To disconnect this open iPad Settings and put it off, or simply turn off your Bluetooth. Once you’ve done this record a video, or listen to an audio to check if the microphone is working.

Step #7: Clean iPad microphone

There’s a high possibility that dirt, dust or debris might have settled on the iPad’s microphone. To eradicate this problem simply use a soft bristled brush or painters tape to clean the iPad microphone.

Blowing air into it from your mouth probably isn’t a very good idea, by the way. Perhaps getting the help of a technician with the right tools is better.

iPad Microphone not working: Conclusion

I hope this post was helpful and you have been able to learn how to change your status from iPad microphone not working to working perfectly well.

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