The Best App For Tech News: 10 Best Apps For iOS and Android

Are you interested in getting updates on the tech industry? There are several sources of getting this industry’s updates but I am sure you are asking about the best app for tech news. An app that will provide up-to-date news in a timely and informative manner. However, keep reading to find out the best app for tech news.

Technology is indeed evolving quickly. There are new technological trends now, including new gadgets, systems, and more. New discoveries and inventions are made.

Since we use smartphones often, it is easier to stay abreast of the latest tech news through some tech news app. You don’t have to wait for newspapers to keep you updated.

With just a single click you can get up-to-date information on the technological space. We have gathered a list of the best tech news apps you can download and install on your Android and iOS phones. You can get notifications on new updates, read the news, watch live news videos, and more.

Are you interested in getting updates on the tech industry? There are several sources of getting this industry's updates but I am sure you are asking about the best app for tech news.

The Best App For Tech News

#1. Feedly

Feedly is one of the best apps for tech news. It is a trendy RSS reader. You can easily download the app on your iOS and Android phones. Feedly requests you to choose your news preferences. You can subscribe to tech channels you want to receive news from.

Apart from tech channels, you can also subscribe to other channels from other fields and get updates from them.This app also provides three different modes- dark, light, and reader mode. You can choose any of these modes and set the app to it.

I love this app because you can easily explore the trendy news and mark the news, you have read and mark those you want to read later. Note that these news stories are from trusted sources.

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#2. Google News

Google news contains all kinds of news taking place worldwide. This app is available to iOS users and Android users as well. You can get updates on all fields, not only tech. It contains news about sports, entertainment, politics, and more. According to its algorithm, it tends to show you important news updates based on your reading habits.

#3. Inshorts

This app contains information about different categories like technology, politics, sports, entertainment, health, etc. It gets news from many national and international trusted sources and summarizes them to 60 words or less.

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It is easier to say that this app gives a shorter version of trending news, making it easy to read the news. You can read the news in English or Hindi, anyone you understand.

You can get it on your iOS or Android phones

#4. Flipboard

Flipboard is one of the best tech news apps. It covers news from different categories. You just have to choose your preferred topics and you will get daily updates on them. This app provides both national and international news.

The technology category has a lot of tech news and informative articles. In this app, you can also create and produce your articles and magazines. It is available on iOS and Android phones

#5. TechCrunch

TechCrunch is a popular app that presents news on technology, investments, capital funding, etc. This app allows customization. You can see topics of your choice, so if you have some websites where you read news or articles, you can search them on the app, it syncs the websites and notifies you when new articles are published. This app gets news from trusted sources.

#6. Tech Viral

Tech Viral is a very good tech app that provides the latest updates on tech news, PC tutorials, and android tricks. Just like others, it covers national and international news. The founder of this Tech viral App is Manpreet Singh. This app helps to increase your tech knowledge and keeps you updated.

#7. Drippler

Drippler is a very unique app. It focuses on providing daily news, tips, and tricks based on the smartphone you use. It automatically detects your smartphone and android version and updates you on the latest apps, games, hacks, and tips related to your phone. Also, it shows you trending and relevant tech news topics both national and international.

#8. CNET’s Tech Today

CNET’s Tech Today is a tech news app that provides daily tech news. It conveys a selection of the best tech stories on the most popular topics available. This app provides daily news stories and everything that relates to technology.

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#9. GSMArena

Do you want an app that updates you on the latest smartphones or gadgets? Then you should try using GSMArena. This app provides all information related to smartphones. You can see daily updates, rumors, smartphone specifications, reviews, and informative articles. The information gotten from this app can help you buy a good smartphone.

#10. Findups Daily

Findups Daily provides you with knowledge about technology, business, gadgets, reviews, and even current affairs. The interface of this app is simple and attractive. This app may not be so popular but it provides updated tech news. It covers tech news stories from other known sites like TechCrunch, CNet, Wired, etc.

The Best App For Tech News: Conclusion

In summary, several apps can help to keep you updated about what’s happening in the tech industry. Using any of the apps above, you can get more news updates about technology and even other categories.

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