Samsung A12 Power Button Not Working [Experts Give Solution]

Is your Samsung A12 Power button not working any longer? Checkout what experts say is the problem and how to fix it.

When the power button of a phone stops working, trying to turn on or off the phone becomes impossible. We have drafted simple alternative ways to use your phone before a repair is made. So, If your Samsung A12 power button phone is not working, read this guide to find out these helpful alternative ways.

The power button is usually situated at the top right side of the phone screen. You press this button to turn your phone on and off, wake up your phone screen, and light up your lock screen. You can also use the power button to make your phone go into sleep mode, take a screenshot, and enter recovery mode.

In a situation where you try pressing your Samsung A12 power button and it is not responding to the functions above…then, your power button is not working. This may be because of a broken power button, a faulty Samsung system, water damage, etc.

However, if you are facing this challenge, we have compiled alternative ways that will help you perform the functions of the power button without using the power button.

How To Fix Samsung A12 Power Button Not Working

Samsung A12 Power Button Not Working
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Before looking at the alternative ways to turn ON and OFF your Samsung A12 phone, you may want to know how to fix your power button that is not working.

  1. Check The Samsung A12 Power Button

Check if your power button is damaged. There are times when your phone may have fallen and your power button had gotten stuck or broken. If the power button is stuck, you don’t have to hit it, you can just shake it, it may become unstuck through this method. But if the button is broken, try to get it replaced.

  1. Go To a Phone Repair Service Center

If the above solutions didn’t fix your phone, we recommend that you visit a phone repair service center to get your Samsung phone repaired. They will help you get your power button working again.

Alternative Ways To Turn On/Off and restart Phone when Samsung A12 power button is not working

So, before going to a phone repair service center, you want to keep using your phone. You can try these alternative ways below:

#1. Scheduled Power ON or OFF

You can turn your Samsung A12 phone ON or OFF without the power button by Scheduled Power ON or OFF. The setting can turn ON and OFF your Samsung phone at a scheduled time, so your phone can rest for a while. To use this feature, follow the steps below:

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Go to Settings on your Samsung A12 phone.

Then, navigate to Scheduled Power ON /OFF and turn on this feature.

Set the Power ON time and the Power OFF time. Your phone will turn on and off at this set time

#2. Turn On The Phone With The Fingerprint Scanner

The fingerprint scanner can replace the main function of the power button. On some Samsung devices, the fingerprint scanner functions to facilitate user operations. When the power button is not working, you can use the fingerprint feature from Settings and configure it to be able to turn ON and OFF your device.

#3. Connect Your Phone To A Charger

You can wake your phone up by connecting it to a charger, and from there, you can unlock the screen to open your device. You can also ask someone to call your phone, your phone will wake up and you can do what you want on it.

#4. Remap The Samsung A12 Power Button To Another Button

Applications like Button Mapper on PlayStore can allow users to remap the functionality of the device’s power button to the volume button. Some other applications can add gesture-based settings to your Samsung device. Through programming, this remapping can also be done.

#5. Switch On Samsung Phone With System Repair Tool

You can try using a system repair tool like DroidKit to turn on your phone. It allows you to restart your phone. If your phone can’t turn on because of system glitches, DroidKit will repair and restart it. This application can fix all system issues and even open a locked phone when you forgot your pin, pattern, or password on the Samsung phone.

Follow these steps:

  1. Get DroidKit on your PC.
  2. Open it and select System Fix Function.
  3. Connect your Samsung phone to it and read the notes. Then, continue.
  4. During PDA matching automatically, click on download now to get the firmware file.
  5. Click Fix Now button and follow the instructions on the screen to put it in Download mode.

After this, DroidKit will repair your phone. Finish the process and your Samsung phone will restart.


In Summary, if your Samsung A12 power button not working, don’t get worried. Try to use the alternative ways above or take your phone to a professional repair service center to repair your power button.

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